702 Commits (5651573e2d8c7d4d082bf76557095c28f08fb06d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Francesco Pantano 871f26566a Add delegate_fact_hosts: false on ci scenarios 5 months ago
Tom Barron 7c2933d3b4 Use Ceph-NFS for Manila in scenario004 7 months ago
Oliver Walsh 03697234fd Move cell_v2 discovery off compute hosts 9 months ago
Slawek Kaplonski e4f921e7b2 Add file which enables QoS related L3 agent extensions 9 months ago
Alan Bishop 80fcd33248 Deploy multipathd using tripleo_multipathd ansible role 11 months ago
Giulio Fidente 0bd041a6dc Run tripleo_lvmfilter role to restrict block devices visible to LVM2 2 years ago
Purandhar Sairam Mannidi f65052db5a Rename NeutronMl2PluginBase TripleO service 10 months ago
Rabi Mishra e9e0eb3d97 Make NetworkConfigWithAnsible parameter non-role specific 10 months ago
Alex Schultz c86fa4fb4e Don't manage bridge mappings in scenario file 10 months ago
Emilien Macchi 47ab368caf Deprecate Mistral services 10 months ago
Rabi Mishra fa8ed0c8c5 Remove all unused ci specific nic config templates 10 months ago
Rabi Mishra 29735474fb Switch to use native ansible for remaining CI nic configs 10 months ago
Rabi Mishra 6f0c7a1090 Use OS::Heat::None in place of net-config-noop.yaml 10 months ago
Rabi Mishra d02f9f1004 Network config with ansible for all multinode jobs 10 months ago
Rabi Mishra 0d51947872 Network config with ansible for ci jobs using multi-nics 10 months ago
Emilien Macchi dbe38cac18 firewall: make ExtraFirewallRules role specific 10 months ago
Takashi Kajinami afc0b731e0 Disable notification from services by default 1 year ago
pleimer 824f1b8d3b Add config option for collectd libpodstats 10 months ago
Harald Jensås ff30e794d1 Create NetworkConfig per-role in overcloud.yaml 10 months ago
Takashi Kajinami b2d7b3e5ef Replace deprecated libvirt_* options 10 months ago
Rabi Mishra a4622f1382 Use OS::Heat::Value for NetworkConfig 11 months ago
Emilien Macchi 2d1e769456 use os_net_config Ansible module to configure networking 11 months ago
Alex Schultz 78ca1fe143 Use ansible for nodes validation 11 months ago
Giulio Fidente 89e35393db Add parameter and CI config to enable Ceph OTW encryption 11 months ago
Emilien Macchi 88ca5928ed Remove CI env for net-config-multinode-os-net-config.yaml 11 months ago
Brent Eagles e4fd78880c Re-enable driver agent for scenario 10 1 year ago
Martin Magr 1abdc12b90 Enable Ceilometer data transfer for STF 1 year ago
Brent Eagles 7010c60eea Revert "Disable Designate service for scenario 03" 1 year ago
Tom Barron 798010faba Remove deprecated Manila PGNum parameters 11 months ago
Matthias Runge 973b056d96 Remove rrdtool from collectdExtraPLugins 11 months ago
Carlos Goncalves 1cbb95e094 Allow disabling the ovn provider in scen013 1 year ago
Carlos Goncalves 120cb95e22 Add scenario013: Octavia standalone without Ceph 1 year ago
Francesco Pantano a6f0a8eaea
Enable Dashboard on scenario004 2 years ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) 4152e78fc2 Disable Designate service for scenario 03 1 year ago
Chris Sibbitt 15dfacb655 Disable presettled metrics 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi 03285912fc Disable Sahara in scenario003-standalone 1 year ago
Dave Wilde (d34dh0r53) 0e99ceda4b Add composible service for tls enrollment 1 year ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) 4b8059c2bd Adding env file for octavia with kvm 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi 4f198c32cb Remove some deprecated services 1 year ago
Alex Schultz ed2df1a05f Remove ValidateNtp 1 year ago
Kevin Carter 69fe39c8e4 Update scn003 to exercise ExtraFirewallrules capabilities 1 year ago
Zhu Sheng Li 7c46fd0142 Add non-string value support for CephAnsibleEnvironmentVariables 1 year ago
Francesco Pantano 91f94980fc Expose grafana, dashboard and mgr port parameters 1 year ago
Harald Jensås a03f33a7d4 Deprecate service ipv6 params 1 year ago
Giulio Fidente 18274de03a Remove Ceph{Admin,Mon,Mds}Key parameters 1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami 8213618f33 Remove support for Neutron FUJITSU plugin 1 year ago
Sandeep Yadav 84e016edb3 Fix vbmc_setup.yaml for c8 standalone 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi c712355e4b Deprecate Keepalived service 2 years ago
Ronelle Landy 67bcc3fc9d Add ci environment file for standalone IPA parameters 1 year ago
Wes Hayutin 77480a3ca8 scenario010 - show logs when no_log is specificied in ci 1 year ago