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12 Commits (6a64a4a9d20a7a43eee6181c7bab738329844eba)

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Oliver Walsh 6a64a4a9d2 Tolerate network errors in pingtest retry logic 5 years ago
Matthew Flusche cc1a8f9987 Validate NTP servers 6 years ago
Matthew Flusche bae2d11393 FQDN validation 6 years ago
Feng Pan 099ac31f8f Change ping wait flag 7 years ago
Dan Prince 1c8ad9f41d Add ping_retry function 7 years ago
Dan Prince 8557ab7123 Revert "Ping retry" 7 years ago
Joe Talerico 570c690bfb Ping retry 7 years ago
Dan Prince bbb3853486 Use set -e for validation-scripts/ 7 years ago
marios 45be848991 Adds v6 capability to the deploy validation test (pings) 7 years ago
Dan Prince d148ddbe78 Add validation to ping the default gateway(s) 7 years ago
Giulio Fidente 9a7c55e4a7 Ensure ping returns after 5mins timeout 7 years ago
Dan Prince a6861730bd network validation to ping test each interface 7 years ago