11 Commits (885715855b19ec71ab362d92233478f3afb5a696)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ade Lee 2a83856585 Move ipa enrollment to host_prep_tasks 3 years ago
Harald Jensås 2f2d8183e6 L3 routed networks - subnet fixed_ips (3/3) 4 years ago
karthik s 512c032a0b Add bootparams service for all roles 4 years ago
Emilien Macchi 7bebdefda8 Introduce OS::TripleO::Services::Podman 4 years ago
Alex Schultz f7f9053963 Create a Timesync service declaration 4 years ago
Martin Mágr b76d7623ac QDR for metrics collection purposes 4 years ago
Martin Schuppert 9654393f24 Add NovaResumeGuestsStateOnHostBoot and NovaResumeGuestsShutdownTimeout 4 years ago
Martin Schuppert ea9360b52d Set tuned profile for compute roles 4 years ago
mandreou 66df6bdb46 Remove no longer used disable_upgrade_deployment flag 4 years ago
Michele Baldessari 98925a49cb Add a ComputeInstanceHA role 4 years ago
zshi d0a92f1c20 Add PTP composable service 4 years ago
lhinds 7e68dbdf8c Implements AIDE Intrusion Detection System 5 years ago
Daniel Alvarez 85e006d19d Add support for OVN Metadata Agent 5 years ago
Emilien Macchi 6a6872f390 Introduce OS::TripleO::Services::Rhsm 5 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 898ad4f54b Add IPSEC composable service 5 years ago
lhinds 502fde7a64 Implements management of `/etc/login.defs` 5 years ago
Lars Kellogg-Stedman f982eb55c4 logging: merge fluentd-client and fluentd-base 5 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 97f9a01f79 Add rsyslog-sidecar resource and configuration 5 years ago
Saravanan KR 739b05f528 Added a new role definition for SR-IOV Compute role 5 years ago
Sylvain Baubeau d31bc3a573 Add a Skydive composable service 5 years ago
Brent Eagles 94c9c2f954 Add Neutron SR-IOV agent container 5 years ago
Ricardo Noriega a18a94e498 Add Bagpipe driver composable service 5 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 8a03456056 Add logrotate with crond service 5 years ago
Numan Siddique 5f313f27c9 Add 'ovn-controller' service 5 years ago
Joe Talerico c2b2cc555a Adding Tuned Service 5 years ago
Oliver Walsh 4a7f3398f1 Add support for nova live/cold-migration with containers 5 years ago
Giulio Fidente e65a8cbc22 Add ComputeHCI role and related validations 5 years ago
Steven Hardy cba5288867 Make network-isolation environment rendered for all roles 5 years ago
Dan Prince 15c93fdbd9 Move iscsid to a container 5 years ago
Alex Schultz 0b259c8d39 Standardize example role definitions 5 years ago
Bartosz Stopa ee2c065be7 Add support for linuxbridge agent 5 years ago
Feng Pan 59fedd3d53 Add networking-vpp ML2 mechanism driver support 5 years ago
Jiri Stransky e9abec8273 Add Docker service to all roles 5 years ago
lhinds 9945538069 Adds service for managing securetty 5 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 31bc6eaa88 Add certmonger-user profile 5 years ago
Giulio Fidente 6ff979aa75 Align hyperconverged-ceph.yaml environment and adds some validation 5 years ago
Giulio Fidente 1a719a037d Align HCI environment file with list of services from roles_data 5 years ago
Dan Prince 933f1afefd Stop using puppet to configure VIPs in /etc/hosts 6 years ago
Giulio Fidente 2a7e044518 Provide full list of services for Compute role in HCI scenario 6 years ago
Giulio Fidente 7d75b583b7 Activate StorageMgmtPort on computes in HCI environment 6 years ago
Giulio Fidente dff4f6ca0c Add hyperconverged-ceph environment to include CephOSD on computes 6 years ago