757 Commits (c372a4bfa895b851be04214210c2bef2e43f9996)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Harald Jensås 5d40a724bc Make it possible to override ServiceNetMap per-role 8 months ago
Rajesh Tailor de3c2ec04b Add new role parameters for cpu/ram/disk allocation ratio 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert 855e61ceb2 Use bind mounts for tls certificates 9 months ago
Slawek Kaplonski a8fee6b3f2 Enable "port_forwarding" feature in neutron ML2 ovs environment 2 years ago
Tom Barron 49f1396d60 Use appropriate allocation pools for StorageNFS 1 year ago
Christian Schwede 02e6124c28 Fix Swift ring file synchronization issue 11 months ago
Damien Ciabrini 9441ca86d5 HA: minor update of arbitrary container image name 2 years ago
Emilien Macchi fec0dfb47d [TRAIN and before] Introduce ContainerCpusetCpus 1 year ago
Carlos Goncalves ea86c43b8b Simplify octavia post deploy configs 2 years ago
yogananth subramanian c4ffc375ee Provide option to set reserved_huge_pages 2 years ago
Pranali Deore 4ed3852450 Enable image import plugins & image output format 3 years ago
Michael Johnson a9aa85f7fc Add Octavia anti-affinity parameters 2 years ago
Harald Jensås bc0bd3f151 Relax filtering in krb-service-principals jinja 2 years ago
James Slagle 8aed61aea5 Handle any network name in ServiceNetMap 2 years ago
Michael Johnson e765aa06fb Added the connection_logging parameter for Octavia 2 years ago
Ade Lee 2d77c2a834 Restart certmnonger after registering system with IPA 2 years ago
Kamil Sambor f1ac643ee1 Add configurable monitor timeouts for ovn dbs 2 years ago
Kamil Sambor a695a4eab3 Add posibilities to set ovn_openflow_probe_interval for controller 2 years ago
Terry Wilson 187d8cc043 Set bridge-nf-call-* values to 1 2 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 24f1ac9641 Add new parameter options to Octavia service 2 years ago
Michele Baldessari 7879148793 Support TLS priorities for pacemaker 2 years ago
Brent Eagles f37401e415 Add NeutronPermittedEthertypes on OVS agent 2 years ago
Luca Miccini 5fa8124f01 Enable deep_compare by default for stonith resources 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert fb0e9fc3b4 Revert "Move nova cell v2 discovery to deploy_steps_tasks" 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert fe26cb764b Move nova cell v2 discovery to deploy_steps_tasks 2 years ago
Janki Chhatbar c458c8c039 Allow overlay tunnel endpoints on IPv6 address 3 years ago
Martin Schuppert f16a588ad8 Add LibvirtTLSPriority to set libvirtd tls_priority 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert 2b22127dbf Adds LibvirtLogFilters to define a libvirtd filter 2 years ago
Alex Schultz fc30e63514 Add ExtraKernelPackages 2 years ago
Harald Jensas 293bbb1a3c Add Ironic Networking Baremetal Templates 3 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 162541f242 Use docker_container Ansible module 2 years ago
Michele Baldessari 23ad857ae1 Enable rabbitmq_management plugin 2 years ago
Ade Lee 9a6be5798f Update mysql url for cell0 in step3 2 years ago
Martin Mágr 02bbc8bda5 Enable collectd to connect to metrics QDR 3 years ago
Nir Magnezi b2065e2be4 Adds constraint: OctaviaServerCertsKeyPassphrase must be 32 chars long 2 years ago
Martin Mágr ed9797c9a8 QDR for metrics collection purposes 3 years ago
Martin Schuppert 74660dd93d Add customized libvirt-guests unit file to properly shutdown instances 3 years ago
Martin Schuppert c611f04e0f Add NovaResumeGuestsStateOnHostBoot and NovaResumeGuestsShutdownTimeout 3 years ago
Rajesh Tailor aaeb6b05ff Add new role parameter NovaLibvirtMemStatsPeriodSeconds 2 years ago
hakhande 87ba898133 OVS Revalidator and handler threads 2 years ago
Tony Breeds 27e547c07b Increase the default memlock to 64MiB via ``DockerNovaComputeUlimit``. 2 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 7ad2741d5e Add ContainerNovaLibvirtUlimit to tweak Ulimits 2 years ago
Mathieu Bultel cfbf68bdac Force ansible serial to 1 for the Controller 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert ad6effc40d Add /run/libvirt to nova_migration_target container 2 years ago
Alan Bishop 9450d11504 Ensure Cinder has a default volume type 3 years ago
Martin Schuppert f6883a0bf1 Fix log owner on computes during overcloud deploy runs 2 years ago
Rabi Mishra 7e6b6bafa0 Add {{role.name}}RemovalPoliciesMode parameter 2 years ago
Nir Magnezi e42e72b0f3 Configure server_certs_key_passphrase for Octavia 2 years ago
Harald Jensås 0d77e3d317 Configure Neutron API for Nova Placement... 2 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 9934640fc2 Fix service auth URL in Octavia 2 years ago