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Emilien Macchi c43a9100fa Import net-config-simple-bridge.yaml from tropleo-ci repo 5 years ago
Jan Provaznik ee65c76a27 Add a StorageNFS network for use by Manila/Ganesha 5 years ago
Carlos Camacho 927495fe3d Change template names to queens 5 years ago
Dan Sneddon e148ac870b Render IP map and host maps according to network_data.yaml 5 years ago
Carlos Camacho 0a0e2ee629 Update the template_version alias for all the templates to pike. 5 years ago
Emilien Macchi f48c665099 net-config-multinode: make controlplane int idempotent 6 years ago
Steven Hardy 3c6ec654b4 Bump template version for all templates to "ocata" 6 years ago
Emilien Macchi 2819cb391b Import TripleO CI environments from tripleo-ci 6 years ago
Dan Sneddon 15bb67261a Add Management Network For System Administration. 7 years ago
Dan Prince bccb698984 Configure ctlplane network with a static IP 7 years ago
Dan Prince e38f7cae7d Switch net-config templates to use OS::stack_id 7 years ago
Dan Prince 7587446c6e Add isolated net parameters to net-config stacks 7 years ago
Dan Prince b56c2f01bd Overcloud: bump HOT version to 2015-04-30 7 years ago
Dan Prince 9df1991a80 Compute: drive NW configuration via software conf 8 years ago