228 Commits (cde398d9b49aaf44cd0cb40904bd8c979c51d33b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Sofer Athlan-Guyot cde398d9b4 Add a new role parameter rhsm_enforce. 1 year ago
Dan Sneddon 1674d3a341 Create external bridge on Compute nodes by default for OVN with DVR 1 year ago
rajinir 71919ffed8 Support for Dell EMC VXFlexOS Backend 2 years ago
Emilien Macchi c712355e4b Deprecate Keepalived service 3 years ago
rajinir ddd2385e00 Support for SC Cinder Backend 2 years ago
rajinir c53e9568e1 Support for Xtremio Cinder Backend 2 years ago
rajinir 6c234a73ba Support for PowerMax Cinder Backend 2 years ago
Takashi Kajinami 336e9d39a9 Remove Dell EMC PS Series Driver support 2 years ago
Emilien Macchi ac2711c72b Switch to Podman by default 3 years ago
Alex Schultz bac746b25b Remove skydive 2 years ago
Telles Nobrega 79bd7c447b Adding ReaR THT 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert 7adb850fbc Remove EC2 api 2 years ago
Saravanan KR 9c3638b8a1 Remove OpenDaylight templates and environments 2 years ago
James Slagle 45c226c8fe Add NovaAZConfig service to compute roles 2 years ago
Hamdy Khader fdb5c22bd9 Add support for Neutron Multi interface driver 2 years ago
Martin Magr b3ffd695fd Remove sensu-client service 2 years ago
Alex Schultz b44a079578 Remove Tacker service 2 years ago
Ryan McCabe 112f485c7f Remove panko 2 years ago
Martin Magr 5ccf8951e5 Remove fluentd composable service 3 years ago
Martin Magr 8727ef050c Rsyslog composable service 3 years ago
fpantano a407d4f5da
Add dashboard component as new ceph composable service. 3 years ago
Alan Bishop b172661995 Make Multipathd an optional service 3 years ago
Mathieu Bultel a59a188a6b Force ansible serial to 1 for the Controller 3 years ago
Kamil Sambor ff7cce93eb Add creating br-ex for compute node in ovn 3 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 14436f915b Remove Neutron LBaaS 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 885715855b Ensure openstack clients are installed 3 years ago
Martin Schuppert 20dbe32060 Remove NovaConsoleauth Service 3 years ago
Lee Yarwood 555178160b placement: Introduce an extracted PlacementAPI service 3 years ago
Emilien Macchi f3b85e4ba5 Remove Congress 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 78f1901da4 Deprecate xinetd service management 3 years ago
Ade Lee 2a83856585 Move ipa enrollment to host_prep_tasks 3 years ago
Simon Dodsley f77d8e7909 Add missing entries for Pure Storage Cinder Backend and fix typos 3 years ago
Pranali Deore 2dcd56041c Remove all glance-registry related changes 3 years ago
Emilien Macchi be07f991b6 Remove MongoDB 3 years ago
Harald Jensås 2f2d8183e6 L3 routed networks - subnet fixed_ips (3/3) 4 years ago
Bob Fournier 08071d0ba2 Add comments clarifying use of deprecated_params for roles 3 years ago
karthik s 512c032a0b Add bootparams service for all roles 3 years ago
Emilien Macchi 7bebdefda8 Introduce OS::TripleO::Services::Podman 3 years ago
Christian Schwede a71049eeef Add deprecated_server_resource_name for ObjectStorage role 3 years ago
Alex Schultz f7f9053963 Create a Timesync service declaration 4 years ago
Steve Baker 93d87cf18d Always enable image prepare service for docker clouds 4 years ago
Martin Mágr b76d7623ac QDR for metrics collection purposes 4 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret 6237903852 Allow to remove xinetd service 4 years ago
Martin Schuppert 9654393f24 Add NovaResumeGuestsStateOnHostBoot and NovaResumeGuestsShutdownTimeout 4 years ago
Martin Schuppert ea9360b52d Set tuned profile for compute roles 4 years ago
Alex Schultz f8d0edac5f Drop old ceilometer services 4 years ago
Hamdy Khader afcf2c71e3 Add support for NVMeOF cinder backend 4 years ago
Andrew Smith 78bc457585 Support separate oslo.messaging services for RPC and Notification 4 years ago
Derek Higgins c2a555f77f Add IronicInspector to the Controller roles 4 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 9526cef547 Containerize Neutron LBaaS service plugin 4 years ago