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42 Commits (d9026567f8a7e40d33fab8ce1a9cdfcb2ccf43d3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Gregory Thiemonge f0010f606f Add OctaviaAmphoraSshKeyDir for ssh key creation for Octavia 1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami 712c6025d2 Remove unused OctaviaPostWorkflowName 1 year ago
Gregory Thiemonge 978c058ef1 Enable LogOffload by default in Octavia 1 year ago
Alex Schultz 45fca9e029 Ignore puppet_config is an empty dict 1 year ago
ramishra 83668920ec Fix octavia_nodes rendering in octavia-deployment-config.j2.yaml 1 year ago
ramishra b253d564f7 Use server side env merging for ServiceNetMap/VipSubnetMap 1 year ago
ramishra 094918d859 Simplify octavia service templates 1 year ago
Brent Eagles c65058889e Do not log amphora ssh keys 1 year ago
ramishra c9991c2e31 Use 'wallaby' heat_template_version 2 years ago
Alex Schultz 8d1fc85744 Use ansible_facts instead 2 years ago
ramishra 7f195ff9a8 Remove DefaultPasswords interface 2 years ago
Brent Eagles 29a5bf31ae Switch Octavia external tasks to 'post deploy' 2 years ago
Trevor Vardeman a38995a50d Adding amphora architecture to heat templates 2 years ago
Gregory Thiemonge 648cde501e Update octavia playbooks parameters 2 years ago
Brendan 96e26ef812 Elevated privs are required to access files in home directory 2 years ago
Michael Johnson f186f8e459 Add the ability to offload amphora logs 2 years ago
Gregory Thiemonge 022c8f8425 Fix missing OctaviaClientCert* parameters 2 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret e236ff0cf9 Ensure consistency with hostname comparison 3 years ago
Gregory Thiemonge 8298f4569c Fix permission issue when removing octavia temp dirs 3 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 0c638605e8 Set octavia-ansible dir ownership to Ansible user 3 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 3036ba1744 Add ANSIBLE_CONFIG to Octavia Ansible playbook run 3 years ago
Brent Eagles b611567855 Only generate Octavia certs on stack create 3 years ago
Brent Eagles 71b69e8659 Set canonical hostname in octavia config inventory 3 years ago
Kevin Carter 81e936db44 Update octavia to new tripleo-ansible PATH 3 years ago
Gregory Thiemonge 92be0c603c Add internal keystone endpoint in octavia variables 3 years ago
Oliver Walsh 65d7e55f54 Make nova ephemeral storage backend configurable per-role 3 years ago
Nir Magnezi a6fef3aad6 Adds constraint: OctaviaServerCertsKeyPassphrase must be 32 chars long 3 years ago
Carlos Camacho 8c6bec227f Change all step checks to |int 3 years ago
Nir Magnezi 4559d3b74f Configure server_certs_key_passphrase for Octavia 3 years ago
Brent Eagles e345b3c23d Run octavia external tasks with elevated permissions 4 years ago
Quique Llorente c61c052fd1 Use tripleo-admin as octavia groups_vars owner 4 years ago
Brent Eagles 26cd9f9435 Fix conditional/if usage for amphora conversion 4 years ago
Marc Methot 1a802f3ddb Adding configurability to the amphora image format 4 years ago
Brent Eagles 1c33183c05 octavia: pass container cli to external deploy tasks 4 years ago
Dan Prince ebc9dd98e0 flatten the octavia service configurations 4 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 2a5baa5979 Allow Octavia deployments for Standalone 4 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 70162488bf Mount /usr/share/openstack-octavia-amphora-images into mistral-executor 4 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 6d1a5b6bc2 Upload amphora image in RAW format if RBD backend 4 years ago
Jill Rouleau 3def4e0384 Migrate Octavia to external_deploy_task 4 years ago
Nir Magnezi 5a28efc27d Make lb-mgmt-subnet a class B subnet 4 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 0e87e640c8 Default Octavia SSH pub key to UC default keypair 4 years ago
Carlos Camacho 44ef2a3ec1 Change template names to rocky 4 years ago
Brent Eagles 4d8a80f386 Octavia amphora image handling updates 5 years ago
Carlos Goncalves 38eee383e5 Define Octavia SSH key name and file path 5 years ago
Or Idgar 9d692aaa2f Run Octavia configuration on the overcloud 5 years ago