6 Commits (da7bcec27ab3ccf6e9fea0dd8b925c8e8967bf00)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Carlos Goncalves da7bcec27a Add base Neutron service plugins to BGPVPN 5 months ago
Dan Prince fcdef786e5 step3: flatten the neutron service configurations 3 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 041251d473 Switch remaining env files to containers defaults 3 years ago
Ricardo Noriega fc3c0db9f8 Fixing typos in the Bagpipe driver environment file 4 years ago
Ricardo Noriega c70d81587e Environment to deploy BGPVPN with Bagpipe in a unique file 4 years ago
Ricardo Noriega a18a94e498 Add Bagpipe driver composable service 5 years ago