13948 Commits (dcddeb3b914e216622e5b091ab78d97b7133b30e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) dcddeb3b91 Make UpgradeLeappDevelSkip per-role 1 year ago
Zuul 776d375ff0 Merge "Ignore puppet_config is an empty dict" 1 year ago
Zuul 5e7ed965c6 Merge "Switch barbican actions to use kolla_config" 1 year ago
Zuul 1ba30719ee Merge "Add OS::TripleO::UndercloudUpgradeEphemeralHeat" 1 year ago
Zuul 7f36a91785 Merge "Use kolla_config for other actions" 1 year ago
Zuul 31eba7e9eb Merge "Pass scripts list for download for sensubility" 1 year ago
Zuul 8569ec942f Merge "set ganesha idmap.conf file path and overrides" 1 year ago
Zuul ef63ee415c Merge "Add param for RBD disk cache modes" 1 year ago
Zuul db95929d06 Merge "Allow customizing podman's [engine]/events_logger" 1 year ago
Zuul d2f03b3a09 Merge "Fix cinder's cephx keyring file permissions" 1 year ago
Zuul cf3dcef5e0 Merge "Set default for network.ip_subnet" 1 year ago
James Slagle b252d45739 Add OS::TripleO::UndercloudUpgradeEphemeralHeat 1 year ago
Zuul eda3690a08 Merge "Include the standalone ganesha tasks when ceph is external" 1 year ago
Michele Baldessari 4ea2a6eb7c Allow customizing podman's [engine]/events_logger 1 year ago
Zuul 2b08596eb5 Merge "Add glance db purge job" 1 year ago
Zuul 21a8530a92 Merge "Disable tunnelled migration" 1 year ago
Zuul d8166c9f61 Merge "Simplify jinja for primary_role_name" 1 year ago
Harald Jensås ed8bdde212 Set default for network.ip_subnet 1 year ago
Alex Schultz 45fca9e029 Ignore puppet_config is an empty dict 1 year ago
Alex Schultz 2b9b8eed90 Switch barbican actions to use kolla_config 1 year ago
Alan Bishop f1cd8006fe Fix cinder's cephx keyring file permissions 1 year ago
Zuul 815143179f Merge "Map RedisVipPort and OVNDBsVipPort to OS::Heat::None" 1 year ago
David Vallee Delisle dbb4f619a5 Disable tunnelled migration 1 year ago
Alex Schultz 8e052715c8 Use kolla_config for other actions 1 year ago
Zuul a96a8bf5e3 Merge "Temporarily remove the unbound resolver from scenario 003" 1 year ago
Zuul f0a5ea7e69 Merge "Fix VLAN placement" 1 year ago
ramishra 3ecad17ed7 Map RedisVipPort and OVNDBsVipPort to OS::Heat::None 1 year ago
Zuul 15f2e9378b Merge "Add environment for external network VIP" 1 year ago
Zuul 0ad1fc9c50 Merge "Add OVNCMSOptions to Controller and Networker roles" 1 year ago
Zuul d507065dc2 Merge "Add option for enabling rsyslog reopenOnTruncate" 1 year ago
Brent Eagles 5ca2702b17 Temporarily remove the unbound resolver from scenario 003 1 year ago
Francesco Pantano 49c49d3c03
Include the standalone ganesha tasks when ceph is external 1 year ago
Tom Barron 9a42686dc7 set ganesha idmap.conf file path and overrides 1 year ago
Brendan f38d6cef06 Fix VLAN placement 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi d297c822c4 Add environment for external network VIP 1 year ago
Zuul 16202b8318 Merge "Remove Ceph cluster replica and PG num from low-memory-usage.yaml" 1 year ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 8a3cf6aa87 Add param for RBD disk cache modes 1 year ago
Zuul 9860ea91f0 Merge "Expose the monitoring_stack network to cephadm" 1 year ago
Zuul 22f728b180 Merge "Support additional IP so bind and unbound can collocate" 1 year ago
Zuul c021edbea9 Merge "Fix network_cidrs when ManageNetworks: false" 1 year ago
Zuul 62d8fec85e Merge "Simplify rest of the service templates" 1 year ago
Zuul 899059481c Merge "Simplify swift service templates" 1 year ago
Zuul b77d37e499 Merge "Simplify rabbitmq service templates" 1 year ago
Zuul 4f8de07442 Merge "Fix octavia_nodes rendering in octavia-deployment-config.j2.yaml" 1 year ago
Zuul bf9a2b634b Merge "Use collection FQCN for podman modules" 1 year ago
Zuul e1ee3c9268 Merge "Simplify sshd, timemaster and timesync service templates" 1 year ago
Zuul b44102a8d4 Merge "Breakdown the deploy-steps playbook" 1 year ago
Zuul 1dcd52e51a Merge "Skip cephadm playbook when there is no mon or nfs group" 1 year ago
Sagi Shnaidman e40a346d70 Use collection FQCN for podman modules 1 year ago
ramishra 83668920ec Fix octavia_nodes rendering in octavia-deployment-config.j2.yaml 1 year ago