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Giulio Fidente e2caa40579 Migrates ceph-{radosgw,mds,rbdmirror} to ceph-ansible
Previously these environment files were pointing to a version of
the services implemented using puppet-ceph, now they are migrated
to using ceph-ansible.

Change-Id: I159e2e9408dc5749ec0c287ef06aa0b1421b7d88
Closes-Bug: 1744714
2018-01-22 14:45:03 +01:00
Giulio Fidente bdfc7c6f01 Add Ceph RBD mirror Pacemaker profile
This change adds a profile to deploy the Ceph RBD mirroring daemon
as a Pacemaker resource.

Change-Id: Ib07e5bca6a45f0c6c59a3acf07f4e3ae9d2f8948
Depends-On: Ic63dc5cffece38942d305f538f71dd58a5d50789
Closes-Bug: #1652177
2017-01-26 12:24:56 +00:00