1538 Commits (e5e068a85220b213e1c4fa522cfd6a244a2db2f7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Pranali Deore ad6eb8ae7e Allow configuring cinder mount point for glance cinder store 6 months ago
Ade Lee d98fa55bde Add parameters to allow multiple nshield HSMs 5 months ago
Martin Schuppert ace2eb097e Add NovaLibvirtMaxQueues role parameter to set [libvirt]/max_queues 6 months ago
John Fulton 8d0638ecac Deprecate environments/dcn-hci.yaml for dcn-storage.yaml 6 months ago
David Vallee Delisle 00cd7c170f Live migration optimization with HP 8 months ago
Christian Schwede add0f90036 Do not relabel Swift files on every container start 8 months ago
Harald Jensås 6b4d841d91 Make it possible to override ServiceNetMap per-role 8 months ago
David Hill 1ec4e5eceb Add setting to override max memcached connections 8 months ago
Oliver Walsh 03697234fd Move cell_v2 discovery off compute hosts 9 months ago
Brendan eccd5435d9 Add NovaApiMaxLimit configure max_limit for nova 9 months ago
Martin Schuppert 125d41b857 Set correct default NovaLibvirtCPUMode 8 months ago
Martin Schuppert c2c1a10e1a Make sure apache metadata is set for nova-metadata service 8 months ago
Martin Schuppert 36dae322d5 Move enable ksm on compute node to deploy step 1 9 months ago
Martin Schuppert 6e59a84ec0 Use bind mounts for tls certificates 9 months ago
Alan Bishop 80fcd33248 Deploy multipathd using tripleo_multipathd ansible role 11 months ago
Rabi Mishra 58ca6aebbd Fix some typos in the releasenote for nic config with ansible 9 months ago
Giulio Fidente 0bd041a6dc Run tripleo_lvmfilter role to restrict block devices visible to LVM2 2 years ago
Rabi Mishra e9e0eb3d97 Make NetworkConfigWithAnsible parameter non-role specific 10 months ago
Harald Jensås ff4d1fbb66 Use tags instead of role names 10 months ago
Rajesh Tailor 772b7398a7 Expose new THT params for cpu model flags 10 months ago
Emilien Macchi 47ab368caf Deprecate Mistral services 10 months ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 143dd289e9 [manila] Add "ManilaEnabledShareProtocols" param 10 months ago
PranaliD 5c51ade11c Enable glance sparse image upload 11 months ago
Ade Lee bf910512c3 Deprecate novajoin 1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami bfd97da0bf Allow partial override about SshServerOptions 10 months ago
Takashi Kajinami afc0b731e0 Disable notification from services by default 1 year ago
Alan Bishop 0fdef46ea0 [FFU] Remove cinder's v1 keystone service 10 months ago
Harald Jensås 2f675e464b Add deleton_policy to network resources 10 months ago
Stephen Finucane 0b63621a5e Add 'NovaAllowResizeToSameHost' parameter 10 months ago
Zhu Sheng Li a5f432b849 Add parameter for setting horizon session timeout 10 months ago
Michael Johnson 699aa46642 Fix Octavia OctaviaTenantLogFacility default 10 months ago
Stephen Finucane 7ea7c259c4 Add parameters for vTPM feature 10 months ago
Luke Short 8e84bb3782 Use consistent naming for MysqlInnodbBufferPoolSize 11 months ago
Harald Jensås cd53ae79c7 Get the CIDR of the neutron port for NetworkConfig 11 months ago
Rajesh Tailor 3fd84c2436 Expose new parameter `NovaVGPUTypesDeviceAddressesMapping` 11 months ago
Harald Jensås 7b9199de95 os-net-config-mappings move out of firsboot 1 year ago
Oliver Walsh 0e03ba791f Add the NovaImageCacheTTL to the nova compute service 11 months ago
Christian Schwede 13cc41a23f Fix Swift ring file synchronization issue 11 months ago
Harald Jensås cd6aae1eca reno only - ironic role specific parameters 11 months ago
David J Peacock 05d943107f Expose Innodb_buffer_pool_size 11 months ago
Luke Short efe179190d Expose max_concurrent_builds as a Heat parameter 11 months ago
Tom Barron 4e8a05833c Use appropriate allocation pools for StorageNFS 1 year ago
Cédric Jeanneret 9d71882a42 Set a higher PIDs limit for nova_libvirt container 11 months ago
Christian Schwede 6206d19592 Use UUID for mounted SwiftRawDisks 11 months ago
Tom Barron 798010faba Remove deprecated Manila PGNum parameters 11 months ago
Dan Sneddon bc5b6133f1 Create external bridge on Compute nodes by default for OVN with DVR 12 months ago
Flavio Fernandes 40fa5244c2 [ovn]: Enable port forwarding in neutron service plugins 12 months ago
michaeltchapman dcab843864 Add redis password for designate coordination 12 months ago
rajinir 7858b573e9 Deprecating VxFlex OS Cinder Config 12 months ago
rajinir 08415cb54d Support for PowerFlex Cinder Backend 1 year ago