8 Commits (f5394e7e2dcdd7475cec266d03bc3f00aa5a1b16)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Carol Bouchard a425a6f1ff CiscoNexus: Update and Remove deprecated vars 4 years ago
Sandhya Dasu b2d76220f0 Adding new config parameters for Cisco UCSM ML2 driver 4 years ago
Carol Bouchard d11d8155b5 Latest Nexus Configuration Variables Updates 5 years ago
Gonéri Le Bouder 9eb4311c9d cisco nexus: keep OVS on the Compute 5 years ago
Steven Hardy 95fbda4d02 Disable ComputeNeutron* for cisco-nexus-ucsm 5 years ago
Eugene Bagdasaryan ec1e81f51a Change the default value for NetworkNexusVxlanGlobalConfig 6 years ago
Steven Hardy 81785633bd Port Cisco Nexus/UCSM ExtraConfig to AllNodes 7 years ago
Robert Pothier 773324a6d0 Enable Cisco Nexus and UCSM plugins 7 years ago