Takashi Kajinami 34a2e1ebc9 Remove parameters/resources for undercloud Nova
This change removes the following parameters, which were used by
undercloud Nova.
 - KeyName
 - Overcloud{{}}Flavor
 - {{}}SchedulerHints
 - {{}}Image

This also removes the NodeUserData resource because it depends on
cloud-init and nova metadata and is no longer used since Nova was
removed from baremetal node provisioning.

Finally, this change makes deployed server method used by default, and
removes remaining implementation to keep the resource compatible with

Change-Id: I571b401ab2ca3c77352f4849eb2b99de20292032
2022-07-07 20:34:13 +09:00
.gitkeep Remove parameters/resources for undercloud Nova 2022-07-07 20:34:13 +09:00