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- name: StorageNFS
name_lower: storage_nfs
vip: true
mtu: 1500
ipv6: true
ipv6_subnet: 'fd00:fd00:fd00:7000::/64'
# This network is shared by the overcloud deployment and a Neutron
# provider network that is set up post-deployment for consumers like Nova
# VMs to use to mount shares. The allocation pool specified here is used
# for the overcloud deployment for interfaces on the ControllerStorageNfs
# role nodes and for the VIP where the Ganesha service itself is exposed.
# With a default three-controller node deployment, only four IPs are
# actually needed for this allocation pool.
# When you adapt this file for your own deployment you can of course
# adjust the allocation pool -- just make sure to leave a good-sized range
# outside the allocation pool specified here for use in the allocation pool
# for the overcloud Neutron StorageNFS provider network's subnet definition.
- start: fd00:fd00:fd00:7000::4
end: fd00:fd00:fd00:7000::fffe
vlan: 70