Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# A Heat environment file which can be used to enable a
# Cinder Dell EMC Storage Center ISCSI backend, configured via puppet
OS::TripleO::Services::CinderBackendDellSc: ../puppet/services/cinder-backend-dellsc.yaml
CinderEnableDellScBackend: true
CinderDellScBackendName: 'tripleo_dellsc'
CinderDellScSanIp: ''
CinderDellScSanLogin: 'Admin'
CinderDellScSanPassword: ''
CinderDellScSsn: 64702
CinderDellScIscsiIpAddress: ''
CinderDellScIscsiPort: 3260
CinderDellScApiPort: 3033
CinderDellScServerFolder: 'dellsc_server'
CinderDellScVolumeFolder: 'dellsc_volume'
CinderDellScSecondarySanIp: ''
CinderDellScSecondarySanLogin: 'Admin'
CinderDellScSecondarySanPassword: ''
CinderDellScSecondaryScApiPort: 3033
CinderDellScExcludedDomainIp: ''