Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Alex Schultz 0c167aedea Remove zaqar 9 months ago
network Refactor Service VIPs redis and ovn_dbs 1 year ago
multinode-containers.yaml Move cell_v2 discovery off compute hosts 2 years ago
multinode-core.yaml Use server side env merging for ServiceNetMap/VipSubnetMap 1 year ago
neutron_l3_qos.yaml Add file which enables QoS related L3 agent extensions 2 years ago
neutron_sec_group_quota.yaml Add NeutronSecurityGroupQuota to allow setting quota_security_group 2 years ago
octavia-kvm.yaml Replace deprecated libvirt_* options 2 years ago
ovb-ha.yaml Replace deprecated libvirt_* options 2 years ago
scenario000-multinode-containers.yaml Make NetworkConfigWithAnsible parameter non-role specific 2 years ago
scenario000-standalone.yaml Remove zaqar 9 months ago
scenario001-multinode-containers.yaml Remove usage of deprecated GnocchiArchivePolicy 11 months ago
scenario001-standalone.yaml Add CephRbdTrashPurgeInterval parameter 10 months ago
scenario002-standalone.yaml Remove zaqar 9 months ago
scenario003-standalone.yaml Remove mistral 9 months ago
scenario004-standalone.yaml Disable cephadm when ceph is deployed 10 months ago
scenario007-multinode-containers.yaml Set DhcpAgentNotification to be "false" by default 10 months ago
scenario007-standalone.yaml Set DhcpAgentNotification to be "false" by default 10 months ago
scenario010-multinode-containers.yaml Remove from master the ceph-ansible references 1 year ago
scenario010-standalone.yaml Fix missing ssh key in scenario010 job 11 months ago
scenario012-standalone.yaml Set DhcpAgentNotification to be "false" by default 10 months ago
scenario013-standalone.yaml Remove Keepalived service 1 year ago
standalone-ipa.yaml Generate certificates using ansible role 1 year ago


This directory contains environments that are used in tripleo-ci. They may change from release to release or within a release, and should not be relied upon in a production environment. The top-level environments directory in tripleo-heat-templates contains the production-ready environment files.