Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# A Heat environment file that enables OVS Hardware Offload in the overcloud.
# This works by configuring SR-IOV NIC with switchdev and OVS Hardware Offload on
# compute nodes. The feature supported in OVS 2.8.0
NovaSchedulerDefaultFilters: ['RetryFilter','AvailabilityZoneFilter','ComputeFilter','ComputeCapabilitiesFilter','ImagePropertiesFilter','ServerGroupAntiAffinityFilter','ServerGroupAffinityFilter','PciPassthroughFilter']
NovaSchedulerAvailableFilters: ["nova.scheduler.filters.all_filters","nova.scheduler.filters.pci_passthrough_filter.PciPassthroughFilter"]
# Kernel arguments for ComputeSriov node
KernelArgs: "intel_iommu=on iommu=pt"
# Enable OVS Hardware Offload
OvsHwOffload: True
# - devname: "ens3f0"
# physical_network: null
# Mapping of SR-IOV PF interface to neutron physical_network.
# In case of Vxlan/GRE physical_network should be null.
# In case of flat/vlan the physical_network should as configured in neutron.