Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Zuul 1f0c8e4b4f Merge "[FFU] Use output parameter instead of hiera lookup for cell creation" into stable/queens 7 months ago
barbican.yaml Add containerized barbican environment 4 years ago
cinder-backup.yaml Fix optional services-docker environment files 4 years ago
collectd.yaml Containerized collectd 4 years ago
congress.yaml Rename CongressApi to Congress (docker) 4 years ago
ec2-api.yaml Add Ec2Api to container based deployment 4 years ago
etcd.yaml Containerize etcd service 4 years ago
fluentd.yaml logging: merge fluentd-client and fluentd-base 4 years ago
ironic-inspector.yaml Add docker templates to configure Ironic inspector 4 years ago
ironic.yaml Add Ironic Networking Baremetal Templates 2 years ago
manila.yaml Containerize Manila Share service 4 years ago
mistral.yaml Add Mistral event engine 4 years ago
neutron-bgpvpn-opendaylight.yaml Adding docker service for BGPVPN Service Plugin 4 years ago
neutron-l2gw-opendaylight.yaml Adding docker service for the L2GW 4 years ago
neutron-lbaasv2.yaml Containerize Neutron LBaaS service plugin 3 years ago
neutron-ml2-cisco-vts.yaml Add cisco VTS ML2 template for a dockerized service and default environment settings 3 years ago
neutron-opendaylight-dpdk.yaml Env files for ODL deployments 4 years ago
neutron-opendaylight-sriov.yaml NeutronSriovHostConfig missing in SRIOV's env files 3 years ago
neutron-opendaylight.yaml Disables QoS with OpenDaylight deployments 4 years ago
neutron-ovn-dvr-ha.yaml Fix missing parameters in OVN DVR environment files 3 years ago
neutron-ovn-ha.yaml Enable flat network for ovn 2 years ago
neutron-ovs-dpdk.yaml Add docker service for neutron-ovs-dpdk-agent service 4 years ago
neutron-sriov.yaml Remove bogus EXPERIMENTAL from services-docker file. 2 years ago
octavia.yaml Remove NeutronServicePlugins from octavia environment files 3 years ago
sahara.yaml Containerize Sahara 4 years ago
sensu-client.yaml Containerized Sensu client 4 years ago
skydive-environment.yaml Add a Skydive composable service 4 years ago
tacker.yaml Containerize Tacker Services 4 years ago
undercloud-aodh.yaml Fix paths for optional docker services 4 years ago
undercloud-ceilometer.yaml Containerize Ceilometer Agent Ipmi 4 years ago
undercloud-cinder.yaml Fix optional services-docker environment files 4 years ago
undercloud-gnocchi.yaml Telemetry Needs Redis 4 years ago
undercloud-haproxy.yaml Add tls roles for undercloud 4 years ago
undercloud-keepalived.yaml Add tls roles for undercloud 4 years ago
undercloud-panko.yaml Fix paths for optional docker services 4 years ago
update-odl.yaml Minor update steps for ODL 3 years ago
zaqar.yaml Align optional services with optional services-docker 4 years ago