Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Zuul 38e8749e11 Merge "Fix Octavia OctaviaTenantLogFacility default" into stable/train 5 months ago
nova-api-container-puppet.yaml Add NovaApiMaxLimit configure max_limit for nova 8 months ago
nova-az-config.yaml Filter computes with nova_host defined 9 months ago
nova-base-puppet.yaml Disable notification from services by default 6 months ago
nova-compute-common-container-puppet.yaml Ensure nova-api is running before starting nova-compute containers 2 years ago
nova-compute-container-puppet.yaml Use ansible_facts instead 5 months ago
nova-conductor-container-puppet.yaml Run online migration tasks from external_update_tasks too. 8 months ago
nova-ironic-container-puppet.yaml Remove ffwd-upgrade leftovers from THT. 12 months ago
nova-libvirt-container-puppet.yaml Adding key_size option on the certificate creation 7 months ago
nova-libvirt-guests-container-puppet.yaml Remove libvirt packaged dependencies 2 years ago
nova-metadata-container-puppet.yaml Make sure apache metadata is set for nova-metadata service 8 months ago
nova-migration-target-container-puppet.yaml Fixed libvirt volume path for nova-migration-target-container 1 year ago
nova-scheduler-container-puppet.yaml Remove ffwd-upgrade leftovers from THT. 12 months ago
nova-vnc-proxy-container-puppet.yaml Deleting nova-consoleauth services in post-upgrade 6 months ago
novajoin-container-puppet.yaml Use ansible_facts instead 5 months ago