Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Alex Schultz f1d91a9e09 [TRAIN-Only] Update ansible python fact 3 months ago
services Remove ffwd-upgrade leftovers from THT. 10 months ago
common-container-config-scripts.yaml Update container-config-scripts/ folder content before update_tasks. 5 months ago
container-puppet.py Fix regression in container-puppet.py 1 year ago
container-puppet.sh Fix swift containers idempotency 5 months ago
deploy-steps-playbooks-common.yaml Add legacy fact setting 3 months ago
deploy-steps-tasks-step-0.j2.yaml Drop service facts usage 4 months ago
deploy-steps-tasks-step-1.yaml [Ussuri and older] Set python_cmd where we need it 3 months ago
deploy-steps-tasks.yaml Use ansible_facts instead 4 months ago
deploy-steps.j2 Use include task for host prep tasks 4 months ago
generate-config-tasks.yaml [TRAIN-Only] Update ansible python fact 3 months ago
hiera-steps-tasks.yaml Fix privilege escalation 11 months ago
host-container-puppet-tasks.yaml [TRAIN-Only] Update ansible python fact 3 months ago
post.j2.yaml Consolidate puppet/docker deployments with one deploy steps workflow 4 years ago