Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# A Heat environment file to enable the barbican PKCS11 crypto backend. Note
# that barbican needs to be enabled in order to use this.
# In order to use this backend, you need to uncomment these values and
# provide the appropriate values.
# BarbicanPkcs11CryptoLogin: Password to login to PKCS11 session
# BarbicanPkcs11CryptoTokenLabels: The token label for the virtual HSM to be used.
# This is typically a single label, but may be more than one if you are using
# multiple HSMs in Load Balancing mode, and the HSMs have different labels.
# When listing more than one, separate them using a comma (,).
# BarbicanPkcs11CryptoGlobalDefault: Whether this plugin is the global default plugin
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoLibraryPath: '/usr/lib64/libnethsm.so'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoEncryptionMechanism: 'CKM_AES_CBC'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoHMACKeyType: 'CKK_GENERIC_SECRET'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoHMACKeygenMechanism: 'CKM_GENERIC_SECRET_KEY_GEN'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoMKEKLabel: 'barbican_mkek_0'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoMKEKLength: 32
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoHMACLabel: 'barbican_hmac_0'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoATOSEnabled: true
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoEnabled: true
BarbicanPkcs11AlwaysSetCkaSensitive: false
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoOsLockingOk: true
atos_client_working_dir: /tmp/atos_client_install
# atos_client_iso_location:
# atos_client_iso_name:
# atos_client_cert_location:
# atos_client_key_loaction:
# atos_hsms: # -- A list of HSMs. When more than one HSM is specified,
# # they will be configured in Load Balancing mode.
# - name: my-hsm-hostanme.example.com
# server_cert_location: https://user@PASSWORD:example.com/cert.CRT
# ip:
OS::TripleO::Services::BarbicanBackendPkcs11Crypto: ../deployment/barbican/barbican-backend-pkcs11-crypto-puppet.yaml