Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# A Heat environment file to enable the barbican PKCS#11 crypto backend using
# one or more Thales Luna Network HSMs.
# Note that Barbican needs to be enabled in order to use this.
# In order to use this backend, you need to uncomment these values and
# provide the appropriate values.
# BarbicanPkcs11CryptoLogin: Password (PIN) to login to PKCS#11 session
# BarbicanPkcs11CryptoTokenLabels: Label for PKCS#11 token to be used.
# For single HSM deployments this value should be the partition label
# that will be assigned to the clients.
# For HA deployments this value should be the label for the HA group.
# BarbicanPkcs11CryptoGlobalDefault: Whether this plugin is the global default plugin
# LunasaClientIPNetwork: (Optional) Network to be used by the controllers
# to connect to the HSM. By default this option is empty ('') and the
# controllers are registered on the HSM using the controller's FQDN.
# When this option is set, the controllers will be registered using the
# controller's IP on this network instead.
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoLibraryPath: '/usr/lib/libCryptoki2_64.so'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoEncryptionMechanism: 'CKM_AES_CBC'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoHMACKeyType: 'CKK_AES'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoHMACKeygenMechanism: 'CKM_AES_KEY_GEN'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoMKEKLabel: 'barbican_mkek_0'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoMKEKLength: '32'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoHMACLabel: 'barbican_hmac_0'
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoLunasaEnabled: true
BarbicanPkcs11CryptoEnabled: true
BarbicanPkcs11AlwaysSetCkaSensitive: true
# lunasa_client_tarball_location: URI where the CipherTools tarball can be downloaded.
# lunasa_client_tarball_name: Filename for the CipherTools tarball.
# lunasa_client_installer_path: path to install.sh in the tarball.
# lunasa_client_rotate_cert: (Optional) Set to true to generate a new
# client certificate and re-register clients during deployment.
# lunasa_hsms: A list of HSMs. When more than one HSM is specified, they
# will be configured as an HA group. Each entry should specify the
# following:
# - hostname: Hostname for the HSM
# admin_password: admin password for the HSM, used to add a new client
# for each controller node.
# partition: HSM partition to be assigned to the clients.
# partition_serial: serial number for the partition.
OS::TripleO::Services::BarbicanBackendPkcs11Crypto: ../deployment/barbican/barbican-backend-pkcs11-crypto-puppet.yaml