Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Heat templates to deploy OpenStack using OpenStack.


The ability to deploy a multi-node, role based OpenStack deployment using OpenStack Heat. Notable features include:

  • Choice of deployment/configuration tooling: puppet, (soon) docker
  • Role based deployment: roles for the controller, compute, ceph, swift, and cinder storage
  • physical network configuration: support for isolated networks, bonding, and standard ctlplane networking


A description of the directory layout in TripleO Heat Templates.

  • environments: contains heat environment files that can be used with -e

    on the command like to enable features, etc.

  • extraconfig: templates used to enable 'extra' functionality. Includes

    functionality for distro specific registration and upgrades.

  • firstboot: example first_boot scripts that can be used when initially

    creating instances.

  • network: heat templates to help create isolated networks and ports
  • puppet: templates mostly driven by configuration with puppet. To use these

    templates you can use the overcloud-resource-registry-puppet.yaml.

  • validation-scripts: validation scripts useful to all deployment