Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Introduce new compute role based parameter NovaGlanceEnableRbdDownload
to enable direct download if rbd is used for glance, but compute is using
local ephemeral storage, to allow nova-compute to direct download the
images in this scenario from the glance ceph pool via rbd, instead going
through glance api.
If NovaGlanceEnableRbdDownload is set, per default the global RBD glance
parameters are used, CephClientUserName GlanceRbdPoolName and
CephClusterName for the used ceph.conf.
Glance supports multi storage backends which can be configured using
GlanceMultistoreConfig. If additional RBD glance backends are configured,
the NovaGlanceRbdDownloadMultistoreID can be used to pointing to the
hash key (backend ID) of GlanceMultistoreConfig to use. If
CephClientUserName or GlanceRbdPoolName are not set in the
GlanceMultistoreConfig, the global values of those parameters will be used.