Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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This directory contains Heat templates to help configure multiple NICs for each Overcloud role, where it is assumed that each NIC is running a specific network traffic type and that VLANs are not being used.


To make use of these templates create a Heat environment that looks something like this:

resource_registry: OS::TripleO::BlockStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: network/config/multiple-nics/cinder-storage.yaml OS::TripleO::Compute::Net::SoftwareConfig: network/config/multiple-nics/compute.yaml OS::TripleO::Controller::Net::SoftwareConfig: network/config/multiple-nics/controller.yaml OS::TripleO::ObjectStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: network/config/multiple-nics/swift-storage.yaml OS::TripleO::CephStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: network/config/multiple-nics/ceph-storage.yaml

Or use this Heat environment file:


Configuration with System Management Network

The Management network is enabled for backwards-compatibility, but is not included in any roles by default. To enable the optional System Management network, create a Heat environment that looks something like this:

resource_registry: OS::TripleO::Network::Management: ../network/management.yaml OS::TripleO::Controller::Ports::ManagementPort: ../network/ports/management.yaml OS::TripleO::Compute::Ports::ManagementPort: ../network/ports/management.yaml OS::TripleO::CephStorage::Ports::ManagementPort: ../network/ports/management.yaml OS::TripleO::ObjectStorage::Ports::ManagementPort: ../network/ports/management.yaml OS::TripleO::BlockStorage::Ports::ManagementPort: ../network/ports/management.yaml

Or use this Heat environment file:


Or, add the network to the list of networks used by each role in the role definition file (e.g. roles_data.yaml). Refer to installation documentation for procedure to generate a role file for custom roles.