Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Zuul c372a4bfa8 Merge "Make it possible to override ServiceNetMap per-role" into stable/queens 5 months ago
6.0.0-b52a14a71fc62788.yaml Add plan-environment.yaml 4 years ago
Add-Internal-TLS-CA-File-parameter-c24ee13daaa11dfc.yaml Internal TLS: Use specific CA file for haproxy 4 years ago
Change-zaqar-profile-path-7b00c68c0812fb3d.yaml Zaqar: Match service name with service-net-map 4 years ago
Disable-mongodb-by-default-cce37d3254a77d27.yaml Disable mongodb by default 4 years ago
Enable-TLS-for-libvirt-0aab48cd8339da0f.yaml TLS-everywhere: Enable for TLS libvirt live migration 4 years ago
Introduce-ManageKeystoneFernetKeys-parameter-2478cf5fc5e64256.yaml Enable heat/puppet to manage the fernet keys and make it configurable 4 years ago
Make-exposing-haproxy-stats-interface-configurable-2b634793c4f13950.yaml Add flag to enable/disable the HAProxy stats interface 4 years ago
Make-gnocchis-swift-storage-endpoint-type-configurable-718be8645b7ab3a0.yaml Make swift's endpoint type configurable for gnocchi storage 4 years ago
Need-explicit-memcacheddebug-to-activate-memcached-debug.-41cfa69d4537cbd7.yaml Activate memcached debug only when using MemcachedDebug param. 3 years ago
NovaReservedHugePages-35a13e828bfc92e9.yaml Provide option to set reserved_huge_pages 2 years ago
ODL_log_mechanism-99f008362d2392de.yaml Configure ODL Logging mechanism 3 years ago
OvsDisableEMC-ab29e5c08856d439.yaml Provide option to disable EMC in puppet-vswitch 2 years ago
Support-ceph_volume_mode-parameter-5553a9b39718a749.yaml Support cephfs_volume_mode parameter 2 years ago
Switch-keystone's-default-token-provider-to-fernet-2542fccb5a588852.yaml Switch keystone default provider to fernet 4 years ago
Use-KeystoneFernetKeys-parameter-bd635a106bb8e00f.yaml Use KeystoneFernetKeys instead of individual parameters 4 years ago
add-all-hosts-to-hostsentry-20a8ee8a1a210ce2.yaml Add all hosts to HostsEntry output 4 years ago
add-bgpvpn-support-f60c5a9cee0bb393.yaml Add Bagpipe driver composable service 4 years ago
add-cadf-environment-0ce0078348c5333f.yaml Add missing release note for cadf environment 4 years ago
add-ceilometer-agent-ipmi-2c86726d0373d354.yaml Add ceilometer ipmi agent 4 years ago
add-cinder-backup-nfs-backend-0108fba91a3058ea.yaml Add nfs as a cinder backup driver option to CinderBackupBackend 3 years ago
add-cinder-nas-secure-parameters-53f9d6a6e9bc129b.yaml Add support for Cinder "NAS secure" driver params 4 years ago
add-cinder-nfs-snapshot-support-16664aa46a67a5ad.yaml Add support for cinder NFS snapshots 2 years ago
add-cisco_vts_ml2-fa96d8edb117c416.yaml Adding Cisco VTS ML2 mechanism driver service template 4 years ago
add-connection-logging-parameter-e51f59175c8da204.yaml Added the connection_logging parameter for Octavia 2 years ago
add-default-ntp-server-696b8568e09be497.yaml Configuring a default ntp server. 4 years ago
add-deploymentswiftdatamap-parameter-351ee63800016e4d.yaml Add DeploymentSwiftDataMap parameter 4 years ago
add-docker-sfc-bda84d08b119a250.yaml Adds docker SFC and cleans up ODL envs 3 years ago
add-hostgroup-default-for-host-parameter-02e3d48de1f69765.yaml manila: set "host" to "hostgroup" 4 years ago
add-ipv6-diable-options-9aaee219bb87ac6a.yaml Add IPv6 disable option 4 years ago
add-kernel-package-parameter-f3ad68ed4b72b0f5.yaml Add ExtraKernelPackages 2 years ago
add-l2gw-agent-1a2f14a6ceefe362.yaml Add l2gw neutron agent support 4 years ago
add-l2gw-api-support-2206d3d14f409088.yaml Add l2gw neutron service plugin support 4 years ago
add-ldap-backend-0bda702fb0aa24bf.yaml Add trigger to setup a LDAP backend as keystone domaine 4 years ago
add-metadata-settings-to-octavia-and-glance-tls-internal-5d8e46650b174626.yaml Add metadata_settings to Octavia and Glance APIs 3 years ago
add-mistral-event-engine-3a33700c20c88e86.yaml Add Mistral event engine 4 years ago
add-mistral-to-roles-52525fe9689e60b1.yaml Add Mistral to the provided controller roles 3 years ago
add-networking-ansible-containerized-de68f6c2fd6e05fc.yaml Add networking-ansible ML2 plugin support 3 years ago
add-networking-sfc-72cd16bb34075150.yaml Add networking-sfc support 4 years ago
add-octavia-anti-affinity-parameters-fe9222f17b16ee1f.yaml Add Octavia anti-affinity parameters 2 years ago
add-octavia-cert-key-variables-48133267832ee196.yaml Add support for providing Octavia cert data 4 years ago
add-odl-sriov-env-e31982064c2bf646.yaml Adds environment file for ODL + SRIOV 4 years ago
add-opendaylight-ha-e46ef46e29689dde.yaml Enables OpenDaylight clustering in HA deployments 4 years ago
add-option-remove-unused-packages-on-upgrade-5a469428a6948148.yaml Remove package if service stopped and disabled 4 years ago
add-panko-expirer-bac4243971fc23e5.yaml Expose params to enable panko expirer cron 3 years ago
add-parameters-for-heat-apis-over-httpd-df83ab04d9f9ebb2.yaml Pass hieradata relevant for httpd in the Heat APIs 4 years ago
add-qdr-99a27dffef42c13e.yaml Qpid dispatch router composable role 4 years ago
add-removal-policies-mode-6869362fbeed2cd2.yaml Add {{role.name}}RemovalPoliciesMode parameter 2 years ago
add-s3-driver-da8a31a3c646892e.yaml Add S3 storage driver as an option and its config 3 years ago
add-server-os-collect-config-data-eeea2f57b3a82654.yaml Add os-collect-config data as an output 4 years ago
add-service-auth-configuration-cb6537998a37f785.yaml Add support for Octavia service-to-service credentials 4 years ago
add-support-for-IPv6-deployment-4c5b577cfb38c416.yaml Add config option for ODL IPv6 deployment 3 years ago
add-support-for-pure-cinder-1a595f1940d5a06f.yaml Enables support for configuring Cinder with Pure Storage 4 years ago
add-support-manila-cephnfs-backend-fb35ecc995705256.yaml Pass storage nfs VIP to ceph-ansible 3 years ago
add-support-networking-ovn-metadata-agent-3bfecfbabd6d9628.yaml Add support for OVN Metadata Agent 3 years ago
add-three-more-octavia-params-1e4a32f910e5f1fc.yaml Add new parameter options to Octavia service 2 years ago
add-vlan_transparent-config-5623f8cffc8b41f0.yaml Make vlan_transparent in neutron.conf configurable from Undercloud 3 years ago
add_cisco_vts_ml2_docker-0d7cfafe4647074d.yaml Add cisco VTS ML2 template for a dockerized service and default environment settings 3 years ago
add_db_sync_timeout-c9b2f401cca0b37d.yaml add configurable timeouts for DB sync 4 years ago
add_domain_and_no_ntp_to_ipaclient-048fdfccf0cb7835.yaml Add domain and no-ntp options to ipaclient 2 years ago
add_neutron_segments_plugin_to_default-8acb69b112d4b31c.yaml Add neutron "segments" plugin to the default list 3 years ago
add_params_to_configure_ulimit-2359aa058da58054.yaml Set ulimit for nova-compute and cinder-volume 3 years ago
adds-post_upgrade_tasks-eba0656012c861a1.yaml Adds post_upgrade_tasks for any service post-upgrade ansible tasks 4 years ago
aide-50fc91178430f1a5.yaml Implements AIDE Intrusion Detection System 3 years ago
allocation_ratio-4a8ecf4cdf5fb7e2.yaml Add new role parameters for cpu/ram/disk allocation ratio 6 months ago
allow-configure-image-member-quota-59e228bc62ec7792.yaml Allow the configuration of image_member_quota from THT 4 years ago
allow-neutron-dhcp-agents-per-network-calculation-536c70391497256d.yaml Make neutron dhcp agents per network conditional 4 years ago
api-policy-4ca739519537f6f4.yaml Allow to configure policy.json for OpenStack projects 4 years ago
baremetal-cell-hosts-cd5cf5aa8a33643c.yaml Enable periodic task to discover cell hosts when ironic is used 4 years ago
baremetal-role-34cb48cc30d7bdb4.yaml Add an example IronicConductor role 4 years ago
big-switch-agent-4c743a2112251234.yaml Re-Add bigswitch agent support 4 years ago
blacklistedhostnames-stack-output-02c9f93f9d1ce7d8.yaml Add BlacklistedHostnames stack output 3 years ago
bug-1741452-6f73b550d94b8f6f.yaml Removal of Contrail templates 4 years ago
bug-1741464-78403f89e9dc5d75.yaml Allow for optinal volumes and env variables 4 years ago
bug-1775667-fix-manila-share-typo-upgrade-82d9b3edea77b94a.yaml Fix typo with Manila upgrade template 3 years ago
bug-1782123-7b08ab6503033dd3.yaml Allow setting physical network MTU via heat template 3 years ago
bug-1788337-fix-manila-db-sync-overcloud-deploy-f323d85509ca81ec.yaml Fix bind-mount to manila's bootstrap container 3 years ago
bug-1794268-0f875aa640b4246e.yaml Add posibilities to set tunnel_csum in ovs agent 3 years ago
bug-1823274-ca992c1055035c7b.yaml Add parameter to configure maxdelay in db purge/archive job 2 years ago
bug-1904482-dbc5162c8245a9b3.yaml Make it possible to override ServiceNetMap per-role 5 months ago
ceilometer-keystone-notifications-f1e463d0ec939b22.yaml Set keystone notification topics if ceilometer is enabled 4 years ago
ceph-ansible-blacklist-support-164b5726cc4532b7.yaml Workflow execution blacklist support 3 years ago
ceph-ansible-workflow-70f7d52faf4cd419.yaml Deploy Ceph in containers using ceph-ansible via external workflow 4 years ago
ceph-pools-with-ceph-ansible-f82425e585f90ef6.yaml Update CephPools format in the docker templates to fit ceph-ansible 4 years ago
ceph_envs_migration_to_ceph_ansible-fd1a8cb659ac2401.yaml Add release notes for the migration of Ceph env files to containers 3 years ago
change-db-sync-timeout-57abe3e48d741842.yaml Change database sync timeout from 300 to 900 in low-memory-usage environment file. 4 years ago
change-panko-api-port-fb8967420cd036b1.yaml Update Panko api port 4 years ago
change-rabbitmq-ha-mode-policy-default-6c6cd7f02181f0e0.yaml Change the default for rabbitmq back to ha-mode: all 4 years ago
change_default_docker0_address-6a017b7078825996.yaml Configure docker0 bridge address 4 years ago
check-availble-network-in-role-7860d8d5cd1df4b0.yaml Reno only - Check for available networks for a role 2 years ago
check-old-style-nic-config-4624a60e3303411b.yaml Add check for old-style nic config files 3 years ago
cinder-default-volume-type-cc21a256202eb476.yaml Ensure Cinder has a default volume type 2 years ago
cleanup-odl-clustering-93a3ec132f3c2343.yaml Cleans up exec workaround for ODL container clustering 4 years ago
collectd-amqp1-a1d8773e8e7ff80e.yaml Enable collectd to connect to metrics QDR 2 years ago
collectd-overcloud-gnocchi-049a63bbd196a9bb.yaml Default collectd to overcloud gnocchi 3 years ago
collectd-polling-4aac123faaebd1bc.yaml Enable default polling interval override 3 years ago
composable-ha-37e2d7e1f57f5c10.yaml Release notes ha composable 4 years ago
composable-network-vips-4d7b28fa3769d38b.yaml Add composable network VIPs for puppet configuration 4 years ago
composable-upgrades-d9ec7c634365e8e0.yaml Add release note for composable upgrades 4 years ago
composable-veritas-hyperscale-driver-e7f0a35d7d9a8df1.yaml Add composable services for the Veritas HyperScale. 4 years ago
compute-resume-guests-state-on-host-boot-090507db3ffad0d4.yaml Add NovaResumeGuestsStateOnHostBoot and NovaResumeGuestsShutdownTimeout 2 years ago
compute-tuned-profile-cbe4e22b1e185c5e.yaml Set tuned profile for compute roles 3 years ago
compute_deprecated_params-a2d69efd75f7c50f.yaml Convert compute-role.yaml to role.role.j2.yaml 4 years ago
computeovsdpdk-role-67d53a405ce4174b.yaml Add a new role for ComputeOvsDpdk and clean-up parameters 4 years ago
configurable-snmpd-options-3954c5858e2c7656.yaml Default snmp to less verbose logging 4 years ago
configure-ip-forward-268c165708cbd203.yaml Add KernelIpForward configuration 3 years ago
configuring-snat-in-opendaylight-d5ed4d62275e1876.yaml Add param to configure snat mechanism 4 years ago
consolidate-octavia-post-deploy-configs-bc251a5446e5615d.yaml Simplify octavia post deploy configs 1 year ago
containarise-barbican-1253606411d497ff.yaml Containarise Barbican API 4 years ago
containerize-neutron-lbaas-service-plugin-20562487d6631c88.yaml Containerize Neutron LBaaS service plugin 3 years ago
containerized-ceph-role-1e02fd11551e92ac.yaml Add new roles for Ceph containerization 4 years ago
containerized-services-logs-0dc652513870f46d.yaml Persist containerized services httpd logs 4 years ago
containers-as-default-37bbe8afa0a60c2b.yaml Delete not-used services-docker files 3 years ago
containers-selinux-context-13b720cc1d5ec6f2.yaml Allow containerized undercloud deploy with SELinux 4 years ago
contrail-bugfixes-and-dpdk-enabling-0233a06e23259660.yaml Contrail network realignement + DPDK enablement 4 years ago
controller_deprecated_params-7f009de6d17c05a4.yaml Convert controller-role.yaml to role.role.j2.yaml 4 years ago
convert-resource-name-to-number-80ada6c825554f56.yaml Convert resource_name to number 3 years ago
cpuset_cpus-4dbde2cec2152b30.yaml [TRAIN and before] Introduce ContainerCpusetCpus 1 year ago
ctlplane_fixed_ip-81d14db5a01fa531.yaml Add ability to pre-assign IPs by role on ctlplane 3 years ago
custom-network-names-c62a57827d98eea5.yaml Add default value for name_lower in network_data.yaml to update ServiceNetMap 3 years ago
debug_per_service-54a260917c4a7e3a.yaml Ability to enable/disable debug mode per OpenStack service 4 years ago
default-bootstrap-server-id-eff49ef40bfde414.yaml Default bootstrap_server_id 3 years ago
default-octavia-ssh-pub-key-to-keypair-70377d43bf76a407.yaml Default Octavia SSH pub key to UC default keypair 3 years ago
dellsc-driver-d7cd300a24a64b01.yaml Added Dell EMC SC multipath support 3 years ago
deploy_steps_tasks-bb2279bcda7cd04c.yaml Add deploy_steps_tasks interface 4 years ago
deployed-server-environment-output-d838c782f76823b7.yaml Add DeployedServerEnvironmentOutput 4 years ago
deployed-server-firewall-purge-9d9fe73faf925056.yaml Purge initial firewall for deployed-server's 4 years ago
deployed-servers-fd47f18204cea105.yaml Add a release note for using deployed-servers (aka split-stack) 4 years ago
deprecate-NeutronExternalNetworkBridge-7d42f1a0718da327.yaml Added release note for NeutronExternalNetworkBridge deprecation 4 years ago
deprecate-ceilometer-expirer-83b193a07631d89d.yaml Deprecate Ceilometer Expirer 4 years ago
deprecate-ceilometer-workers-72b01f4bc6423f48.yaml Deprecate CeilometerWorkers 3 years ago
deprecate-collector-a16e5d58ae00806d.yaml Deprecate ceilometer collector 4 years ago
deprecate-management-envs-bbc7fddb0ca871af.yaml Make network-isolation-v6 environment rendered for all roles 4 years ago
deprecate-manila-cephfsnative-parameters-e24978c8b344573b.yaml Fix parameter name used to create the Manila CephX keyring 3 years ago
deprecate-panko-b2bdce647d2b9a6d.yaml Add deprecation notes for panko service 4 years ago
derive-params-custom-plan-env-3a810ff58a68e0ad.yaml Providing parameters specific to a workflow via plan-environment 4 years ago
disable-ceilo-api-dfe5d0947563bbe0.yaml Disable ceilometer API 4 years ago
disable-ceilo-middleware-6853cb92e3e08161.yaml Disable swift middleware ceilometer pipeline by default 4 years ago
disable-core-dump-for-setuid-programs-e83a2a5da908b9c3.yaml Disable core dump for setuid programs 4 years ago
disable-heat-api-cloudwatch-d5a471da22472bde.yaml Remove Heat Cloudwatch API during upgrade and disable by default 4 years ago
disable-kernel-parameter-for-icmp-redirects-f325f91d71b58b5f.yaml Add network sysctl tweaks for security 4 years ago
disable-manila-cephfs-snapshots-by-default-d5320a05d9b501cf.yaml Disable Manila CephFS snapshots by default 4 years ago
disable_default_apache_vhost-f41d11fe07605f7f.yaml Disable default vhost for apache 4 years ago
docker-bip-9a334c8f31a59b96.yaml Allow custom --bip CIDR for docker options 3 years ago
docker-puppet-config-volume-5ad50b90dc24672b.yaml Enable docker-puppet.py for a single config_volume 4 years ago
docker-service-all-roles-5c22a018caeafcf0.yaml Add Docker service to all roles 4 years ago
dont-unregister-on-delete-9708f7cbc73a0d2f.yaml Don't unregister on system/resource delete 4 years ago
drop-manila-generic-driver-templates-b33e8966c263a1fd.yaml Add reno for manila generic driver removal 3 years ago
drop-redundant-metric-param-ddea256079fbbbe0.yaml Drop redundant delay param 3 years ago
enable-arp_accept-6296b0113bc56b10.yaml Enable arp_accept for all interfaces 4 years ago
enable-deep_compare-fencing-698cec642ecd54a4.yaml Enable deep_compare by default for stonith resources 2 years ago
enable-dpdk-on-boot-f5b098b10152b436.yaml Enable DPDK on boot using PreNetworkConfig 4 years ago
enable-logging-suspicious-packets-d5545586f917d2ca.yaml Add network sysctl tweaks for security 4 years ago
enable-neutron-lbaas-integration-b72126f2c7e71cee.yaml Enable Neutron LBaaS Integration 4 years ago
enable-neutron-lbaas-integration-fa999ccd548ee6b6.yaml Enable Neutron LBaaS Integration 4 years ago
enable-ntp-iburst-efbc24a43a72daae.yaml Enable ntp iburst 4 years ago
enable-octavia-flavor-by-default-d356fbb265508f76.yaml Enables configuring Octavia flavor by default 3 years ago
enable-port-forwarding-in-neutron-956cb21a3310e881.yaml Enable "port_forwarding" feature in neutron ML2 ovs environment 6 months ago
enable-support-for-external-swift-proxy-941917f8bcc63a5d.yaml Support for external swift proxy 4 years ago
enable_image_conversion_parameters-740e5282385444c7.yaml Enable image import plugins & image output format 2 years ago
ensure-debug-is-boolean-aecc8fbb6c8fd368.yaml Ensure Debug is a boolean 4 years ago
etcdtoken-4c46bdfac940acda.yaml etcd: secure EtcdInitialClusterToken parameter 4 years ago
example-roles-d27c748090f6a154.yaml Standardize example role definitions 4 years ago
expose-metric-processing-delay-0c098d7ec0af0728.yaml Expose metric delay processing metric 4 years ago
external_post_deploy_tasks-1b6423b73ae083cc.yaml Add external_post_deploy_tasks interface 4 years ago
extra-keystone-notification-topics-8be1d37afd90b910.yaml Keystone: Enable notification topics to be configured 4 years ago
fast-forward-upgrade-tasks-a8b5d64831a71e24.yaml ffu: Add fast-forward upgrade outputs to RoleConfig 3 years ago
ffu-custom-script-to-switch-repo-a65db91760b46ec2.yaml [FFU] Hook to allow user to pass a custom script for repo switching. 3 years ago
fix-allocation-range-for-StorageNFS-net.yaml-bd77be924e8b7056.yaml Use appropriate allocation pools for StorageNFS 9 months ago
fix-api-network-resource-name-41bbf4258a0174eb.yaml Fixes InternalApi Heat network resource 4 years ago
fix-bridge-nf-call-defaults.rst Set bridge-nf-call-* values to 1 2 years ago
fix-cinder-nfs-share-usage-0968f88eff7ffb99.yaml Fix usage of CinderNfsServers 4 years ago
fix-custom-netname-lower-and-tls-everywhere-1f2300f9a2ba4d98.yaml Fix custom network.name_lower in krb-service-principals 2 years ago
fix-dynamic-network-disabled-9f700a9e900221b6.yaml Fixes dynamic networks falling back to ctlplane 4 years ago
fix-get-occ-config-with-role-count-greater-1-10ce2010556e5b76.yaml get-occ-config.sh: fix handling multiple nodes in a role 3 years ago
fix-glance-api-network-4f9d7c20475a5994.yaml Fixes incorrect glance api network 4 years ago
fix-heat-condition-for-rhel-reg-311a3dce76cc0ec1.yaml Fix Heat condition for RHEL registration yum update 4 years ago
fix-krb-service-principals-do-not-filter-on-vip-in-jinja-c8f996ffed94d3cd.yaml Relax filtering in krb-service-principals jinja 2 years ago
fix-missing-tacker-password-c2ce555cdd52c102.yaml Fixes missing keystone authtoken pw for Tacker 4 years ago
fix-neutron-cert-key-perms.yaml-efcc17f188798cc4.yaml Fixes Neutron certificate and key permissions 3 years ago
fix-neutron-dhcp-tls-d62383530419f0bd.yaml Fixes missing SSL configuration for Neutron DHCP agent 3 years ago
fix-neutron-dpdk-firewall-436aee39a0d7ed65.yaml Fixes missing firewall rules for neutron_ovs_dpdk_agent service 4 years ago
fix-neutron_admin_auth_url-c88224251d8eb807.yaml manila: set "neutron_admin_auth_url" correctly 4 years ago
fix-octavia-health-manager-firewall-rule-cdffe31d580ecf4b.yaml Fix misnaming of service in firewall rule 3 years ago
fix-octavia-update-upgrade-tasks-docker-067489654b2b7e18.yaml Use docker_container Ansible module 2 years ago
fix-odl-gui-feature-6525b8c6807fb784.yaml Fixes OpenDaylight healthcheck/GUI feature 3 years ago
fix-odl-karaf-logging-eca10973e57caa3a.yaml Change log directory for OpenDaylight 3 years ago
fix-odl-missing-etc-config-87c33bc05f692f44.yaml Fixes ODL container failing to start due to missing etc config 3 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-allowed-network-types-d196d6d40fadb1bc.yaml Fix missing allowed network type 'flat' for ODL OVS 3 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-vhostusermode-7bc2b64fd2676ca2.yaml Fixes the OvsVhostuserMode heat parameter 3 years ago
fix-odl-provider-mapping-hiera-5b3472184be490e2.yaml Fixes OpenDaylightProviderMappings hiera parsing 4 years ago
fix-odl-tls-docker-67b8453a6be7fa58.yaml Fixes SSL/TLS with OpenDaylight docker service 3 years ago
fix-odl-update-upgrade-cache-83004abe108971c1.yaml Fix update/upgrade or config change for ODL 3 years ago
fix-odl-websocket-firewall-9e2f78ebaa39313f.yaml Fixes OpenDaylight updating port status 4 years ago
fix-public-cert-generation-41c75be0b07a48fe.yaml Fixes generating public certificates 3 years ago
fix-rpm-deploy-artifact-urls-03d5694073ad159d.yaml Fix rpms being installed via DeployArtifactURLs 4 years ago
fix-service-auth-url-octavia-90f19c835cb1cc0a.yaml Fix service auth URL in Octavia 2 years ago
fix-tenant-net-name-type-94a9c50c86529001.yaml Fixes missing type for heat param TenantNetName 4 years ago
fix-tls-neutron-agents-c40d5fc779d53bfa.yaml Fixes certificate generation error for Neutron agents 3 years ago
fix_nova_host-0b82c88597703353.yaml Explicitly set nova/neutron/ceilometer host to expected fqdn 3 years ago
generate-server_certs_key_passphrase-229a677df1b7f6e0.yaml Configure server_certs_key_passphrase for Octavia 2 years ago
generated-sample-environments-8b523f55f36e940c.yaml Add release note for generated sample environments 4 years ago
get-occ-config-local-connector-5bbec3f591a9f311.yaml Use the local collector to bootstrap deployed servers 4 years ago
glance-keystonev3-d35182ba9a3778eb.yaml glance: deploy services with Keystone v3 endpoints 4 years ago
gnocchi-keystonev3-d288ba40226545c9.yaml gnocchi: deploy services with Keystone v3 endpoints 4 years ago
handle-any-network-name-in-ServiceNetMap-efffd0583bab827f.yaml Handle any network name in ServiceNetMap 2 years ago
haproxy-log-2805e3697cbadf49.yaml Ensure we get dedicated logging file for HAProxy 2 years ago
hiera_net_ip_map-ff866b443a28bdc4.yaml Convert ServiceNetMap evals to hiera interpolation 2 years ago
horizon_keystone_member-838d4b65cc0b0d11.yaml horizon: trigger _member_ role creation in Keystone 3 years ago
increase-nova-reserved-host-memory-80434e8484a29680.yaml Increase default for NovaReservedHostMemory to 4096 4 years ago
input-validation-server_certs_key_passphrase-908471f31d09f088.yaml Adds constraint: OctaviaServerCertsKeyPassphrase must be 32 chars long 2 years ago
install-openstack-selinux-d14b2e26feb6d04e.yaml Install openstack-selinux for deployed-server 4 years ago
instance-ha-18e59ab0e9697ef3.yaml Add Instance HA support 4 years ago
integrate-skydive-900756d8870b3876.yaml Add a Skydive composable service 4 years ago
ipa-mkhomedir-c126291bcbdd0111.yaml Add mkhomedir option to ipa-client-install 2 years ago
ipsec-8e24afb777de48e3.yaml Add release notes for IPSec 3 years ago
ipv6_defaults-7dbb62113f4e5084.yaml Remove ipv6 specific network templates 4 years ago
ironic-boot-option-3f3036aa5e82ec7e.yaml [ironic] expose default boot_option in configuration and change it to local 4 years ago
ironic-cleaning-network-1e06881df0402221.yaml Provide a default value for Ironic cleaning_network configuration 4 years ago
ironic-hardware-types-fe5140549d3bb792.yaml Allow configuring enabled hardware types for Ironic 4 years ago
ironic-inspector-43441782bdf0f84e.yaml Add templates to configure Ironic inspector 4 years ago
ironic-networking-baremetal-29d9ad465565bb87.yaml Add Ironic Networking Baremetal Templates 2 years ago
ironic-neutron-integration-76c4f9e0d10785e4.yaml Add support for "neutron" Ironic networking plugin 4 years ago
isilon_manila_e9677898724a11e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC Isilon Manila backend 4 years ago
kernel-extra-aa48704056be72cd.yaml kernel: allow to override modules & sysctl settings 3 years ago
kernel_sysctl_role-d4f6a50d08b7a388.yaml kernel: make ExtraKernelModules and ExtraSysctlSettings role-specific 3 years ago
keystone_authtoken-655da476bbf82e1c.yaml Deploy Mistral with Keystone v3 options (authtoken) 4 years ago
keystone_internal-53cc7b24ebdd9df4.yaml Add release note for services endpoint change 4 years ago
leave-satellite-repo-enabled-8b60528bd5450c7b.yaml Don't disable satellite repo after registration 4 years ago
libvirtd-tls-6de6fb35e0ac0ab1.yaml Disable live migration over TLS 4 years ago
libvirtd_use_bind_mounts_for_certs-64cb88f78538a64b.yaml Use bind mounts for tls certificates 6 months ago
live_migration_inbound_addr_all_transports-2fc9cd74d435a367.yaml Set live_migration_inbound_addr for ssh transport 3 years ago
live_migration_port_range-54c28faf0a67a3fc.yaml Modify libvirt port range for live-migration 3 years ago
logrotate-containers-purge-a5587253fe6cbb28.yaml Allow custom time constraints to rotate logs 3 years ago
make-panko-default-8d0e824fc91cef56.yaml Include panko in the default dispatcher 4 years ago
manila-with-managed-ceph-e5178fd06127624f.yaml Add release notes for Manila/CephFS with managed Ceph 4 years ago
match-enable_dvr-with-NeutronEnableDVR-fe8aac6c4ce52bce.yaml neutron: set enable_dvr = False if NeutronEnableDVR is false 4 years ago
max-active-fernet-keys-f960f08838a75eee.yaml Make fernet max active keys configurable 4 years ago
memcached-max-memory-ef6834d17953fca6.yaml Reduce memcached memory configuration 4 years ago
memcached-verbose-logs-84ca938d76c16429.yaml Make memcached logs verbosity configurable 4 years ago
memcached_hardening-2529734099da27f4.yaml [CVE-2018-1000115] memcached: restrict to TCP & internal_api network 3 years ago
memcached_logging-f69ade3665a70a5c.yaml Log memcached to stdout/err only 3 years ago
metrics-qdr-97c00cc8059963fa.yaml QDR for metrics collection purposes 2 years ago
migration_over_ssh-003e2a92f5f5374d.yaml Add migration SSH tunneling support 4 years ago
minor-update-env-20657417094d4aeb.yaml Be able to know when we are running inside a minor update workflow 2 years ago
mistral-mod-wsgi-24d41a6f427237ff.yaml Enable mistral to run under mod_wsgi 4 years ago
mistral_container-23c4432aad469f30.yaml mistral-executor: mount /var/lib/mistral 3 years ago
ml2-networking-ansible-0330b1203f0fc75c.yaml Add networking-ansible ML2 plugin support 3 years ago
more_params_to_configure_ulimit-82057bf64d7173a8.yaml Add ContainerNovaLibvirtUlimit to tweak Ulimits 2 years ago
move-ipaclient-enroll-to-host-prep-tasks-934c6e0a9f75f15b.yaml Move ipa enrollment to host_prep_tasks 2 years ago
multiple-cinder-rbd-backend-9b015f99887e9241.yaml Add support for multiple Cinder RBD backends 4 years ago
neutron-cleanup-services-3a8579cd03fac953.yaml Add cleanup service for neutron ovs bridges 3 years ago
neutron-ml2-overlay-ip-version-4f14932355847aa0.yaml Add NeutronOverlayIPVersion parameter to neutron-plugins-ml2 service 4 years ago
neutron-permitted-ethertypes-80dc7f2154786881.yaml Add NeutronPermittedEthertypes on OVS agent 2 years ago
neutron-placement-6ea6de89bd30b592.yaml Configure Neutron API for Nova Placement... 2 years ago
nfv-rt-roles-9ceac2b10d565971.yaml Added realtime NFV roles for OVS-DPDK and SR-IOV 3 years ago
nic-config-script-handle-blank-line-f86553d7589826ed.yaml Handle blank lines followed by comment in nic conversion script 3 years ago
notification-driver-noop-e322ca6704a5bc50.yaml Allow to set Notification Driver to 'noop' 4 years ago
nova-memlock-increase-066ed22764ed3ce1.yaml Increase the default memlock to 64MiB via ``DockerNovaComputeUlimit``. 2 years ago
nova-nfs-parms-role-specific-527915c6e99ceb89.yaml Allow NovaNfs parameters to be role specific 2 years ago
nova-rbd-pool-role-specific-010f6072d641d84f.yaml Allow NovaRbdPoolName to be role specific 2 years ago
nova_add_nfs_vers_parameter-62b9e9d6150358d1.yaml Make nfs version for nova ephemeral storage configurable 2 years ago
nova_change_neutron_auth_url_to_internal_endpoint-aaf0e550750335eb.yaml Move [neutron] auth_url to KeystoneV3Internal 2 years ago
nova_compute_fix_log_permissions-e866f91848d647fb.yaml Fix log owner on computes during overcloud deploy runs 2 years ago
nova_compute_nofile-0427e49cc8ae70a6.yaml Increase DockerNovaComputeUlimit default value 2 years ago
nova_custom_libvirt-guests_unit-7ac2c4b5511ca549.yaml Add customized libvirt-guests unit file to properly shutdown instances 2 years ago
nova_libvirt_mem_stats_period_seconds-b9b606232629cb38.yaml Add new role parameter NovaLibvirtMemStatsPeriodSeconds 2 years ago
nova_libvirt_queue_size_parameter-b4409a91c553ce1b.yaml Add role parameter for rx/tx virtio-net queue size 3 years ago
nova_libvirtd_log_filters-63e9e6501d779dd9.yaml Adds LibvirtLogFilters to define a libvirtd filter 2 years ago
nova_libvirtd_tls_priority-d0129f804d7ca847.yaml Add LibvirtTLSPriority to set libvirtd tls_priority 2 years ago
nova_migration_target_libvirt_socket-585fa579e5b2704d.yaml Add /run/libvirt to nova_migration_target container 2 years ago
nova_nfs_default_secontext-5ad33675aaf0b521.yaml Instance create fails due to wrong default secontext with NFS 3 years ago
nova_novnc_proxy_ssl_support-edc7bc13d0cd6d2b.yaml Revert "Revert "SSL support for haproxy -> novnc proxy connection"" 3 years ago
nova_qemu_enable_config-c89016b4d93802d6.yaml Set configure_qemu to true to get qemu port range applied 3 years ago
nova_run_cell_discovery_on_each_run-11dbb6096ebbf51b.yaml Run nova_cell_v2_discover_hosts.py on every deploy run 2 years ago
nova_run_chown_on_every_deploy-c366af9898ecaeed.yaml Run chown for nova log files on every run to fix wrong permissions 2 years ago
nova_statedir_ownership-54c75dfe8ad64b4f.yaml Improve nova statedir ownership logic 3 years ago
nova_wait_for_placement_service_disable_cert_verify-45f532d7a924df86.yaml nova_compute fails to start in tls-everywhere configuration 3 years ago
nsx-support-1254839718d8df8c.yaml Add initial support for NSX plugin 4 years ago
ntp-poll-options-3019fe517e012300.yaml Add MinPoll and MaxPoll options to NTP module 4 years ago
num-storage-sacks-f640be5fcd374a6b.yaml Add support to configure Num of Storage sacks 4 years ago
objectstorage_deprecated_params-f7642b6541a0d09c.yaml Convert objectstorage-role.yaml to role.role.j2.yaml 4 years ago
octavia-1687026-c01313aab53f55a4.yaml Allow to deploy Octavia API & Neutron Server on 2 different nodes 4 years ago
octavia-amphora-image-defaults-0d9efe1a0222b76d.yaml Octavia amphora image handling updates 3 years ago
octavia-amphora-ssh-245a21a35598440a.yaml Define Octavia SSH key name and file path 3 years ago
octavia-change-event_streamer_driver-default-e5152c28713e7707.yaml Add OctaviaEventStreamerDriver and change default 3 years ago
octavia-service-integration-03bd3eb6cfe1efaf.yaml Add registry and role service list entries for Octavia 4 years ago
odl-enable-tls-377fbbfff6f67230.yaml Adds SSL/TLS everywhere for OpenDaylight 3 years ago
odl-ovs-hw-offload-54b662c633e9eda8.yaml Adds environment file for ODL OVS Hardware Offload 4 years ago
odl-port-binding-d420cac81f714778.yaml Changing the default port-binding configuration 4 years ago
odl-qos-48b70c804755e3a5.yaml Disables QoS with OpenDaylight deployments 4 years ago
odl-user-a4c58ac0c3a64d90.yaml Fixing a bug when setting a password for ODL controller 4 years ago
odl_delete_data_folder-b8c2f9a9382fd692.yaml Correct indentation and file path 3 years ago
odl_delete_karaf_folder_on_host-b81465f62fe422d6.yaml Delete empty karaf directory on host 3 years ago
odl_endpoint-74b00c6ed38e9a98.yaml Add endpoint for ODL 3 years ago
odl_file_logging-46ccf8ff1ad6af5b.yaml ODL to log to file for containerised deployments 3 years ago
odl_upgrade-f5540d242b9a6b52.yaml Minor update steps for ODL 3 years ago
opendaylight-manage-repos-9eaf900c08e8d96f.yaml Exposing the ability to enable/disable the repository 4 years ago
overrideable-ssh-options-1bd4a78408eb6c2c.yaml Make $SSH_OPTIONS overrideable 3 years ago
ovn-container-support-3ab333fff6e90dc4.yaml Support HA for OVN DBs containers using pacemaker bundle 4 years ago
ovn-dbs-ha-fix-minor-update-issue-3a1206549e3b75aa.yaml Add missing 'update_tasks' to the OVN dbs pacemaker service 3 years ago
ovn-fcd4b0168e6745a8.yaml ovn: Add missing configurations required 4 years ago
ovn-ha-c0139ac519680872.yaml Pacemaker HA suport for OVN DB servers 4 years ago
ovn-remove-nonha-env-files-7b68a1e656b9f753.yaml OVN: Remove environment files which deploy OVN dbs in non HA 3 years ago
ovn-set-dns-servers-config-option-e8f91ad2a05df9a9.yaml ovn: Add dns_servers configuration support 3 years ago
ovn_openflow_probe_interval-fd99301d95aac62e.yaml Add posibilities to set ovn_openflow_probe_interval for controller 2 years ago
ovn_tunnel_encap_type-04df21d622874c27.yaml Remove OVNTunnelEncapType 2 years ago
ovs-2-7-support-for-dpdk-fe665cf9c6b0a750.yaml Enable Dpdk after rebooting with Hugepages for OvS2.7 4 years ago
ovs-2.5-2.6-composable-upgrades-workaround-73f4e56127c910b4.yaml Add manual ovs upgrade script for workaround ovs upgrade issue 4 years ago
ovs-dpdk-permission-workaround-20aaebcc8d6009ec.yaml Added OvS permission workaround for enabling DPDK 4 years ago
ovs-dpdk-permissions-50c5b33334ff4711.yaml Configure qemu group setting as hugetlbfs for ovs-dpdk 3 years ago
ovs-dpdk-perms-deprecate-cfddb148fce9656d.yaml Add OVS-DPDK parameter as part of roles file 3 years ago
ovs-hw-offload-a6bf0fa9c39a8204.yaml Add ovs hardware Offload support to ovs mechansim driver 4 years ago
ovs-revalidator-handler-threads.yaml-f5a12d1066b042f1.yaml OVS Revalidator and handler threads 2 years ago
pacemaker-cluster-common-tag-45c4e8a6e7b08735.yaml HA: minor update of arbitrary container image name 1 year ago
pacemaker-rabbitmq-b1b5fc2b47cb84e4.yaml Add noop's for docker pacemaker for rabbitmq 4 years ago
pcmktlspriorities-4315010185adf45a.yaml Support TLS priorities for pacemaker 2 years ago
ping-gateway-before-controllers-e029e81961dbaee8.yaml Ping default gateways before controllers 3 years ago
pluggable-server-type-per-role-314f38f8e5d4c84e.yaml Pluggable server type per Role 4 years ago
pre-network-config-role-specific-b36cc4bd6383e493.yaml Modify PreNetworkConfig config inline with role-specific parameters 4 years ago
pre_upgrade_rolling_tasks-6345e98e8283a907.yaml Add pre_upgrade_rolling_tasks 3 years ago
ps-san_private_key-5aa111e7907ba600.yaml Ps Cinder: Added support for password less login 4 years ago
ptp-a1bf70fbfddd1830.yaml Add PTP composable service 3 years ago
puppet-auditd-6504295e8c6c7a3b.yaml Add AuditD composable service 4 years ago
rabbit-ignore-partitions-0a0ae8c636c256ea.yaml rabbitmq: set cluster_partition_handling to 'ignore' 4 years ago
rabbit-net_ticktime-519f904e52218c2d.yaml RabbitMQ should use net_ticktime 4 years ago
rabbitmq-enable-management-plugin-94b27747e4f5e685.yaml Enable rabbitmq_management plugin 2 years ago
rabbitmq-erl-args-9029cf4605d63dd9.yaml Add ERL args parameter for rabbit and set the busy wait threshold to none 3 years ago
redfish-9203af1f7bf02bc5.yaml Support Redfish hardware in the overcloud Ironic 4 years ago
refactor-dpdk-dd37ccf14f711bb1.yaml Adds service for OVS and enables ODL DPDK deployments 4 years ago
remove-ceilometer-cron-85362e197ba245a0.yaml Fix the disable expirer to remove crontab 4 years ago
remove-cinder-api-v1-66a24998d7f8e985.yaml Don't create service or endpoint for cinder API v1 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-ceilometer-services-edc0c260d7009414.yaml Remove deprecated Telemetry services from roles data 4 years ago
remove-heat-api-cloudwatch-577417e2b2db3b15.yaml Remove heat-api-cloudwatch service support 3 years ago
remove-octavia-service-plugin-from-neutron-config-b923cca547d9dd52.yaml Remove Octavia LBaaS service plugin from neutron config 3 years ago
remove-odl-dlux-gui-4728de06c973cd53.yaml Removes odl-dlux-gui feature for ODL 3 years ago
remove-pacemaker-passwords-default-values-dd0cfdf7922ecf90.yaml Remove default value for pacmaker passwords 3 years ago
remove-unused-nova-ports-a9f4d9b0ac3e21c9.yaml Don't open unused nova ports in iptables 4 years ago
replace-references-to-old-ctlplane-0df7f2ae8910559c.yaml Replace references to the 192.0.2 network 4 years ago
restart-certmonger-244416f537859bac.yaml Restart certmnonger after registering system with IPA 2 years ago
restore-ceilometer-disable-templates-82ed8b7d33fc3bda.yaml Restore disable templates for telemetry for Queens 3 years ago
restrict-access-to-kernel-message-buffer-809160674b92a073.yaml Restrict Access to Kernel Message Buffer 4 years ago
restrict-mongodb-memory-de7bf6754d7234d9.yaml Add params to tweak memory limit on mongodb 4 years ago
rhsm-service-fbec46930264b355.yaml Introduce OS::TripleO::Services::Rhsm 4 years ago
rhsm_proxy_verify-548f104c97cf5f90.yaml RHSM: when using proxy, test its connectivity first 4 years ago
rm-special-manila-docker-envs-5a376db667ddfd1c.yaml Update manila environment file names 3 years ago
role-support-for-upgrade-to-dvr-containers-bc876f82f3e9f139.yaml Support containerized DVR in compute role 3 years ago
role-tags-16ac2e9e8fcab218.yaml Add tags to roles 4 years ago
roles-data-validation-7845702b5ed85366.yaml Add in roles data validation 4 years ago
roles_deprecated_params-50b4bbe8b9e4abc7.yaml Convert controller-role.yaml to role.role.j2.yaml 4 years ago
sahara_auth_v3-65bd276b39b4e284.yaml sahara: configure keystone_authtoken parameters 4 years ago
sat-tools-0d0f0c53de9d34a5.yaml Upgrade rhel_reg_sat_repo to 6.2 4 years ago
sat_capsule-bb59fad44c17f97f.yaml Support for Satellite Capsule in rhel-registration 4 years ago
security-compliance-f4f7ae077b148af1.yaml Add parameters to configure options in keystone's security_compliance group 4 years ago
server-blacklist-support-370c1a1f15a28a41.yaml Server blacklist support 4 years ago
service-role-name-0b8609d314564885.yaml Add role specific information to the service template 4 years ago
set-ceilometer-auth-flag-382f68ddb2cbcb6b.yaml Set auth flag so ceilometer auth is enabled 4 years ago
set_java_opts_from_tripleo-d969b1151ec244a0.yaml Add provision to specify java arguments to ODL 3 years ago
setup_timeouts_ovn_dbs-141be475dd2cd7ae.yaml Add configurable monitor timeouts for ovn dbs 2 years ago
snmp_firewall-ab17f60ba1ec71d2.yaml Restrict SNMP to internal network 3 years ago
snmp_listen-2364188f73d43b14.yaml snmp: add SnmpdBindHost parameter 4 years ago
split-stack-environments-1f817e24b5d90959.yaml Add split-stack environments 4 years ago
sriov-agent-extentions-08e1d9fb89c2efbf.yaml SR-IOV agent: allow to configure agent extensions 4 years ago
sriov-pci-passthrough-8f28719b889bdaf7.yaml Modify pci_passthrough hiera value as string 4 years ago
sriov-role-1ef30615048239c7.yaml Added a new role definition for SR-IOV Compute role 4 years ago
ssh_known_hosts-287563590632d1aa.yaml SSH known_hosts config 4 years ago
sshd-service-extensions-0c4d0879942a2052.yaml SSHD Service extensions 4 years ago
stack-name-input-73f4d4d052f1377e.yaml Add $STACK_NAME input var 4 years ago
start-sequence-1-deploy-steps-59043a5ea87a83f8.yaml Start sequence at 1 for deploy steps playbook 4 years ago
subnet-mapping-into-services-999a2c5a90b85709.yaml Adds network/cidr mapping into a new service property 4 years ago
support_IPv6_for_tenant_networks-30938bfdde547969.yaml Allow overlay tunnel endpoints on IPv6 address 2 years ago
swap-prepuppet-and-postpuppet-to-preconfig-and-postconfig-debd5f28bc578d51.yaml Merge pre|post puppet resources into pre|post config. 4 years ago
swift-create-d1-containerized-8eda040d9088be7d.yaml Fix missing Swift d1 directory 3 years ago
swift-create-local-dir-7671f7967620e261.yaml Create Swift directory d1 if required 3 years ago
swift-fix-ring-sync-7bf3ddbb1ea1e342.yaml Fix Swift ring file synchronization issue 10 months ago
swift-mount-var-cache-7e95199532b542c4.yaml Mount /var/cache/swift across containers 4 years ago
swift-proxy-use-hash-suffix-a0641435337a4b05.yaml Add swift_config puppet tag to the dockerized proxy service 4 years ago
swift-ring-keeper-c04b440d7d5ce13f.yaml Add missing releasenotes for Swift ring management 4 years ago
switch-manila-api-to-httpd-support-tls-9b995fe4113b2412.yaml Switch Manila API to httpd and support TLS 2 years ago
tag-common-tasks-4a78275787655fdd.yaml Tag tasks in in common tasks 2 years ago
tag-step-plays-b1b1ea7584f1665d.yaml Tag step plays 2 years ago
telemetry-role-services-7dba4996aff89027.yaml Sync services on roles/Telemetry.yaml 3 years ago
token-flush-twice-a-day-d4b00a2953a6b383.yaml Run token flush cron job hourly by default 4 years ago
tripleo-nova-nfs-ead2827338aa9519.yaml Allow configuration of NFS backend for Nova 3 years ago
tripleo-ssh-known-hosts-5c64b1a90d61d7f2.yaml Support SshKnownHostsDeployment with config-download 3 years ago
tuned-service-650c0eec1cf12a4d.yaml Adding Tuned Service 4 years ago
tuned_custom_profile-25d1f4a2bc217216.yaml Add TunedCustomProfile parameter and HCI Ceph filestore environment 3 years ago
unity_cinder_e9872898724a11e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC Unity Cinder backend 4 years ago
unity_manila_1967789872aa11e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC Unity Manila Backend 4 years ago
unset-ceph-default-min-size-0297620ed99dab5b.yaml Remove osd_pool_default_min_size to allow Ceph cluster to do the right thing by default 4 years ago
update-cell0-db-entry-in-step3-7484135b65c72f7b.yaml Update mysql url for cell0 in step3 2 years ago
update-dellemc-vnx-templates-74a0596fac39b488.yaml Add release note for vnx and unity template changes 3 years ago
update-heat-templates-to-queens-dec638e7b34bed09.yaml Change template names to queens 4 years ago
update-manage-event-pipeline-0a21e9ca92cbff4f.yaml Change ManageEventPipeline to true 4 years ago
update-metric-delay-default-963d073026e2cc15.yaml Update metric processing delay default 4 years ago
update-on-rhel-registration-afbef3ead983b08f.yaml Allow for update after RHEL registration 4 years ago
update-pcmk-resource-by-default-ed54100721f55a30.yaml Enable deep_compare of pcmk resources by default 2 years ago
update-plan-environment-4e164b57a801e2cb.yaml Add name and description fields to plan-environment.yaml 4 years ago
update_manila_unity_driver-43aeb041029c4e7f.yaml [DellEMC]Update Manila Unity driver 3 years ago
update_manila_vnx_driver-678b22c4fcd81fcf.yaml [DellEMC]Update Manila VNX driver 3 years ago
update_odl-cb997ce5c136ebb7.yaml Minor update steps for ODL 3 years ago
update_serial-785ff794ff88fb2e.yaml Force ansible serial to 1 for the Controller 2 years ago
upgrade-stack-action-94598796a9d3511f.yaml Add StackUpdateType to set hiera on upgrade 4 years ago
upgrade_tasks_remove_tags_add_when-99f18cdb3cf58f64.yaml Convert tags to when statements for Q major upgrade workflow 3 years ago
use-become-true-in-deploy-steps-playbook-01decb18d895879f.yaml Use "become: true" in deploy steps tasks 4 years ago
use-role-name-ExtraConfig-with-deprecations-2688f34fbc6de74a.yaml Honor {{role.name}}ExtraConfig with deprecated params 3 years ago
use-strict-host-key-checking-no-766c6d9814243de3.yaml Use StrictHostKeyChecking=no in enable-ssh-admin.sh 4 years ago
vhost_default_dir-cac327a0ac05df90.yaml Modify vhost user socket directory's default value in environment file 4 years ago
vipmap-output-4a9ce99930960346.yaml Add VipMap output 4 years ago
vmax_cinder_a6672898724a11e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC VMAX ISCSI Backend 4 years ago
vmax_manila_2967789872aa11e8.yaml Add support for Dell EMC VMAX Manila Backend 4 years ago
vnc_tls-b3707d0134697cc7.yaml Add support for libvirt VNC TLS 3 years ago
vnx_cinder_b5572898724a11e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC VNX Cinder Backend 3 years ago
vnx_manila_2967789872aa11e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC VNX Manila Backend 4 years ago
volume_use_multipath-for-libvirt--c8e93a0bb83e0bc8.yaml Support for libvirt volume multipath 3 years ago
vpp-84d35e51ff62a58c.yaml Add VPP composable service 4 years ago
vpp-ml2-8e115f7763510531.yaml Add networking-vpp ML2 mechanism driver support 4 years ago
workaround-unset-fqdn-for-rhel-reg-be9c4620146096be.yaml Workaround for RHEL registration as "localhost" 4 years ago
workflow_tasks-4da5830821b7154b.yaml Rename service_workflow_tasks into workflow_tasks 4 years ago
xtremio_cinder_c5572898724a11e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC XtremIO Cinder ISCSI Backend 3 years ago
zaqar-httpd-e7d91bf396da28d0.yaml Run Zaqar with httpd in puppet service 4 years ago
zaqar_backends-ccf8adfd24a17bf5.yaml Support configurable Zaqar backends 4 years ago
zaqar_undercloud_backends-f63224a2a3aa684e.yaml Drop MongoDB from the undercloud 4 years ago