Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# *******************************************************************
# This file was created automatically by the sample environment
# generator. Developers should use `tox -e genconfig` to update it.
# Users are recommended to make changes to a copy of the file instead
# of the original, if any customizations are needed.
# *******************************************************************
# title: Nova Compute Cell Stack
# description: |
# Environment file for deploying additional compute cell
# in a separate stack (multi-stack) deployment.
# Manage the network and related resources (subnets and segments) with either create, update, or delete operations (depending on the stack operation). Does not apply to ports which will always be managed as needed. Defaults to true. For multi-stack use cases where the network related resources have already been managed by a separate stack, this parameter can be set to false.
# Type: boolean
ManageNetworks: False
# Whether this is an cell additional to the default cell.
# Type: boolean
NovaAdditionalCell: True
# Indicates that the nova-metadata API service has been deployed per-cell, so that we can have better performance and data isolation in a multi-cell deployment. Users should consider the use of this configuration depending on how neutron is setup. If networks span cells, you might need to run nova-metadata API service globally. If your networks are segmented along cell boundaries, then you can run nova-metadata API service per cell. When running nova-metadata API service per cell, you should also configure each Neutron metadata-agent to point to the corresponding nova-metadata API service.
# Type: boolean
NovaLocalMetadataPerCell: True