Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# *******************************************************************
# This file was created automatically by the sample environment
# generator. Developers should use `tox -e genconfig` to update it.
# Users are recommended to make changes to a copy of the file instead
# of the original, if any customizations are needed.
# *******************************************************************
# title: Enable Designate Service
# description: |
# EXPERIMENTAL: This service is not considered ready for production and
# should only be used for development and test purposes at this time.
# This environment enables the Designate services. One of the
# designate-config* environment files must also be included.
OS::TripleO::Services::DesignateApi: ../deployment/experimental/designate/designate-api-container-puppet.yaml
OS::TripleO::Services::DesignateCentral: ../deployment/experimental/designate/designate-central-container-puppet.yaml
OS::TripleO::Services::DesignateMDNS: ../deployment/experimental/designate/designate-mdns-container-puppet.yaml
OS::TripleO::Services::DesignateProducer: ../deployment/experimental/designate/designate-producer-container-puppet.yaml
OS::TripleO::Services::DesignateWorker: ../deployment/experimental/designate/designate-worker-container-puppet.yaml