Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# This template configures each role to use a pair of bonded nics (nic2 and
# nic3) and configures an IP address on each relevant isolated network
# for each role. This template assumes use of network-isolation.yaml.
# NOTE: This version of the templates uses two Linux bonds, but
# reuses the BondInterfaceOvsOptions parameter for both bond
# configurations. You can modify this template to have two
# different parameters for the bonds if options differ.
# FIXME: if/when we add functionality to heatclient to include heat
# environment files we should think about using it here to automatically
# include network-isolation.yaml.
{%- for role in roles %}
# Port assignments for the {{role.name}}
OS::TripleO::{{role.name}}::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/2-linux-bonds-vlans/{{role.deprecated_nic_config_name|default(role.name.lower() ~ ".yaml")}}
{%- endfor %}