Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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#This file is an example of an environment file for defining the isolated
#networks and related parameters.
# Network Interface templates to use (these files must exist). You can
# override these by including one of the net-*.yaml environment files,
# such as net-bond-with-vlans.yaml, or modifying the list here.
{%- for role in roles %}
# Port assignments for the {{role.name}}
../network/config/single-nic-vlans/{{role.deprecated_nic_config_name|default(role.name.lower() ~ ".yaml")}}
{%- endfor %}
# This section is where deployment-specific configuration is done
# NOTE: (Since Rocky)
# ControlPlaneSubnetCidr: It is no longer a requirement to provide the
# parameter. The attribute is resolved from the
# ctlplane subnet(s).
# ControlPlaneDefaultRoute: It is no longer a requirement to provide this
# parameter. The attribute is resolved from the
# ctlplane subnet(s).
# EC2MetadataIp: It is no longer a requirement to provide this parameter. The
# attribute is resolved from the ctlplane subnet(s).
{% for network in networks if network.enabled|default(true) %}
# Customize the IP subnet to match the local environment
{%- if network.ipv6|default(false) %}
{{network.name}}NetCidr: '{{network.ipv6_subnet}}'
{%- else %}
{{network.name}}NetCidr: '{{network.ip_subnet}}'
{%- endif %}
# Customize the IP range to use for static IPs and VIPs
{%- if network.name == 'External' %}
# Leave room if the external network is also used for floating IPs
{%- endif %}
{%- if network.ipv6|default(false) %}
{{network.name}}AllocationPools: {{network.ipv6_allocation_pools}}
{%- else %}
{{network.name}}AllocationPools: {{network.allocation_pools}}
{%- endif %}
{%- if network.ipv6|default(false) and network.gateway_ipv6|default(false) %}
# Gateway router for routable networks
{{network.name}}InterfaceDefaultRoute: '{{network.gateway_ipv6}}'
{%- elif network.gateway_ip|default(false) %}
# Gateway router for routable networks
{{network.name}}InterfaceDefaultRoute: '{{network.gateway_ip}}'
{%- endif %}
{%- if network.vlan is defined %}
# Customize the VLAN ID to match the local environment
{{network.name}}NetworkVlanID: {{network.vlan}}
{%- endif %}
{%- if network.routes %}
# Routes to add to host_routes property of the subnets in neutron.
{{network.name}}Routes: {{network.routes|default([])}}
{%- endif %}
{%- if network.name == 'Tenant' %}
# MTU of the underlying physical network. Neutron uses this value to
# calculate MTU for all virtual network components. For flat and VLAN
# networks, neutron uses this value without modification. For overlay
# networks such as VXLAN, neutron automatically subtracts the overlay
# protocol overhead from this value.
TenantNetPhysnetMtu: {{network.mtu|default('1500')}}
{%- endif %}
{% for subnet in network.subnets|default({}) if network.subnets[subnet].enabled|default(true) %}
{%- if network.ipv6|default(false) %}
{{network.name}}SubnetCidr_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['ipv6_subnet']}}
{{network.name}}AllocationPools_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['ipv6_allocation_pools']}}
{{network.name}}InterfaceDefaultRoute_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['gateway_ipv6']}}
{%- if network.subnets[subnet][routes_ipv6] %}
{{network.name}}Routes_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['routes_ipv6']|default([])}}
{%- endif %}
{%- else %}
{{network.name}}SubnetCidr_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['ip_subnet']}}
{{network.name}}AllocationPools_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['allocation_pools']}}
{{network.name}}InterfaceDefaultRoute_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['gateway_ip']}}
{%- if network.subnets[subnet][routes] %}
{{network.name}}Routes_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['routes']|default([])}}
{%- endif %}
{%- endif %}
{%- if network.subnets[subnet]['vlan'] is defined %}
{{network.name}}NetworkVlanID_{{subnet}}: {{network.subnets[subnet]['vlan']}}
{%- endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
{#- FIXME: These global parameters should be defined in a YAML file, e.g. network_data.yaml. #}
# Define the DNS servers (maximum 2) for the overcloud nodes
# When the list is not set or empty, the nameservers on the ctlplane subnets will be used.
# (ctlplane subnets nameservers are controlled by the ``undercloud_nameservers`` option in ``undercloud.conf``)
DnsServers: []
# List of Neutron network types for tenant networks (will be used in order)
NeutronNetworkType: 'vxlan,vlan'
# The tunnel type for the tenant network (vxlan or gre). Set to '' to disable tunneling.
NeutronTunnelTypes: 'vxlan'
# Neutron VLAN ranges per network, for example 'datacentre:1:499,tenant:500:1000':
NeutronNetworkVLANRanges: 'datacentre:1:1000'
# Customize bonding options, e.g. "mode=4 lacp_rate=1 updelay=1000 miimon=100"
# for Linux bonds w/LACP, or "bond_mode=active-backup" for OVS active/backup.
BondInterfaceOvsOptions: "bond_mode=active-backup"