Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# This file allows IPv6 deployment on tenant networks as well.
# This should only be used for new deployments and not for upgrade
# or update.
{%- set primary_role = [roles[0]] -%}
{%- for role in roles -%}
{%- if 'primary' in role.tags and 'controller' in role.tags -%}
{%- set _ = primary_role.pop() -%}
{%- set _ = primary_role.append(role) -%}
{%- endif -%}
{%- endfor -%}
{%- set primary_role_name = primary_role[0].name -%}
# NOTE: This template is now deprecated, and is only included for compatibility
# when upgrading a deployment where this template was originally used. For new
# deployments, set "ipv6: true" on desired networks in network_data.yaml, and
# include network-isolation.yaml.
# Enable the creation of Neutron networks for isolated Overcloud
# traffic and configure each role to assign ports (related
# to that role) on these networks.
# primary role is: {{primary_role_name}}
# networks as defined in network_data.yaml
{%- for network in networks if network.enabled|default(true) %}
OS::TripleO::Network::{{network.name}}: ../network/{{network.name_lower|default(network.name.lower())}}_v6.yaml
{%- endfor %}
# Port assignments for the VIPs
{%- for network in networks if network.vip and network.enabled|default(true) %}
OS::TripleO::Network::Ports::{{network.name}}VipPort: ../network/ports/{{network.name_lower|default(network.name.lower())}}_v6.yaml
{%- endfor %}
OS::TripleO::Network::Ports::RedisVipPort: ../network/ports/vip_v6.yaml
# Port assignments by role, edit role definition to assign networks to roles.
{%- for role in roles %}
# Port assignments for the {{role.name}}
{%- for network in networks %}
{%- if network.name in role.networks|default([]) and network.enabled|default(true) %}
OS::TripleO::{{role.name}}::Ports::{{network.name}}Port: ../network/ports/{{network.name_lower|default(network.name.lower())}}_v6.yaml
{%- endif %}
{%- endfor %}
{% endfor %}
# Enable IPv6 for Ceph.
CephIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 for Corosync. This is required when Corosync is using an IPv6 IP in the cluster.
CorosyncIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 for MongoDB. This is required when MongoDB is using an IPv6 IP.
MongoDbIPv6: True
# Enable various IPv6 features in Nova.
NovaIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 environment for RabbitMQ.
RabbitIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 environment for Memcached.
MemcachedIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 environment for MySQL.
MysqlIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 environment for Manila
ManilaIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 environment for Redis.
RedisIPv6: True
# Enable IPv6 environment for OpenDaylight
OpenDaylightEnableIPv6Deployment: True
# Specify Tunnel endpoints to be IPv6
NeutronOverlayIPVersion: 6