Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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# DEPRECATED, this parameter is added as part of the roles/ComputeOvsDpdk.yaml
# to include it by default for all OvS-DPDK roles. This environment file is
# obsolete and will be removed in S release.
# This permission changes should be applied only on the fresh deployment of
# queens, minor updates in queens (and future) and then upgrades from queens
# to future versions.
# It should NOT be used for upgrade from pike, ocata, newton as the existing
# vhost ports and ovs will be with root permissions. Modifying the ovs to run
# with new user during upgrades will result in errors as the existing files and
# folders need to be updated with new permissions. If this is required during
# the upgrade, it is preferrable to do it externally after upgrade. Once the
# changes has been applied, this environment file can be used for further
# updates and upgrades.
VhostuserSocketGroup: "hugetlbfs"