90 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ian Wienand 253fe8831f Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 1 month ago
  Alex Schultz a7837c9430 Add python jobs to tripleo-image-elements 10 months ago
  Yolanda Robla Mota b9fb5326fd Copy map-services script to tripleo elements 2 years ago
  howardlee 78630895c5 Remove vim configuration in source file 2 years ago
  Ben Nemec 638a863db8 Remove mysql-dev dependency from os-svc-install 3 years ago
  Derek Higgins 85c68ffc75 Update pbr version to match global requirements 3 years ago
  Gonéri Le Bouder e58007c9c4 tox: fix the test suite 4 years ago
  Gregory Haynes 4c31859fbb Log from upstart console 4 years ago
  Gregory Haynes d338bce587 Remove setuptools <8.0 pinning 4 years ago
  Gregory Haynes 5fc2040aa5 Log directly to syslog from os services 4 years ago
  Gregory Haynes 01694b1547 Pin setuptools to <8.0 4 years ago
  Gregory Haynes 57dd108fd0 Deprecate positional args for os-svc-daemon 4 years ago
  Steve Baker 225e341e64 Remove selinux from os-svc-install element-deps 4 years ago
  Tom Howley cbff052e66 Install os clients from git 4 years ago
  Derek Higgins 5b228d2064 Revert "We need to tell upstart to expect the logger fork" 4 years ago
  Michael Kerrin 615c6bb95b We need to tell upstart to expect the logger fork 4 years ago
  Gonéri Le Bouder a59e7ea360 systemd: always use /lib/systemd 4 years ago
  Ryan Brady 90b2f10302 Fix os-svc-install 4 years ago
  Ryan Brady 49dbaae6df Add initial svc-map support 4 years ago
  Steve Kowalik f1d096d95a Drop all direct usage of systemctl enable 4 years ago
  Gregory Haynes 9edecd320a On ubuntu break app logs into their own files 4 years ago
  Gonéri Le Bouder 0172b5aacc PEP8 on the doc and elements files 4 years ago
  Michael Kerrin 872e508215 Revert "Pull in patched eventlet to fix Second Simultaneous errors" 4 years ago
  Gonéri Le Bouder 553eef04e2 fix: test_os_svc_daemon.py 4 years ago
  Richard Su bd228e4b3a Fix /var/run SELinux file contexts 4 years ago
  Michael Kerrin 0011e19c15 Pull in patched eventlet to fix Second Simultaneous errors 4 years ago
  Steve Kowalik 2171b584a2 Support init.d-using services in os-svc-enable 4 years ago
  Derek Higgins 1ad23b193f Log tripleo services to syslog 4 years ago
  Gonéri Le Bouder 0a71316726 indent using 4 spaces (3/3) 5 years ago
  Ben Nemec 79f224d04a Add unit tests for os-svc-daemon 5 years ago
  Jan Provaznik 195ad9d595 Adds mysql-dev and mariadb-dev elements 5 years ago
  Ben Nemec 97f9fbed77 Allow os-svc-daemon to specify dir name with -d option 5 years ago
  Jon-Paul Sullivan 1c998eb93f Create pip manifest files of installed packages 5 years ago
  Gregory Haynes aa62d27972 Explicitly install pbr via pip 5 years ago
  Dan Prince 848f2b881b Add -i options to os-svc-install/os-svc-daemon... 5 years ago
  Steve Kowalik e9db480214 Remove many references to github 5 years ago
  Dan Prince 35bebaeb68 Drop the os-svc-install -n -c options. 5 years ago
  Michael Kerrin 09e1abdfdc Install latest version of pip and virtualenv 5 years ago
  James Slagle 8475d117d7 Ability to add *-create-dir service separately 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp 4175a75c18 Install systemd service files into /usr/lib/ 5 years ago
  Robert Collins 0c38854ef9 Fix os-svc-restart to exit correctly without -n. 5 years ago
  Robert Collins 51e2d265d2 os-svc-enable should error when no svcname given. 5 years ago
  Clint Byrum 2a49ab0c84 Do not drop databases without a good reason 5 years ago
  James Slagle 5015d43116 Add os-svc-restart 5 years ago
  Clint Byrum d9cec3c1ae Pin virtualenv to 1.10.1 to work around pip bug 5 years ago
  Clint Byrum c04d472064 Export OS_SVC_ENABLE_CONTROl in upstart jobs 5 years ago
  Clint Byrum a6f86e6ef9 Fix os-svc-daemon missing env in upstart jobs 5 years ago
  Dan Prince bac203b672 Don't enable services in os-svc-install 5 years ago
  Dan Prince 4e482c192a Enable services with os-svc-enable 5 years ago
  Clint Byrum d359aed182 Add a service enable/disable mechanism for upstart 5 years ago