Disk image elements for deployment images of OpenStack
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Command line utilities to simplify installation of OpenStack services.


Given a git repo url, pip-install the repo and all of its python dependencies into a virtualenv. NOTE: By default the virtualenv is installed to /opt/stack/venvs/SERVICENAME but this can be customized. NOTE: By default services do not autostart until os-svc-enable is called.


Given a system service command line and run-as user, generate and install system service start script. See output of os-svc-daemon -h for online help.


Enable the given service name so it starts on boot. This is typically called in an os-refresh-config/post-configure.d script to enable a service once it has been fully configured.

os-svc-enable-upstart (upstart distros only)

Given an upstart job and an action, acts on the enabled or disabled state of jobs produced by os-svc-daemon. This requires the os-svc-enable upstart job which is installed by this element as well. There is also an action, ‘enabled’, which allows checking whether or not a service is enabled; the command exits 0 if it is enabled, or 1 if it is not. A disabled service will not be started automatically nor can it be manually started.

example usage

# clone nova, and install it and its dependencies to /opt/stack/venvs/nova
os-svc-install -u nova -r https://git.openstack.org/openstack/nova.git

# install a system-start script for nova-api
os-svc-daemon -e 'foo=bar bar=baz' -n nova-api -u nova -c /opt/stack/venvs/nova/bin/nova-api -- --config-dir /etc/nova

# enable nova-api so that it starts on boot
os-svc-enable -n nova-api