Disk image elements for deployment images of OpenStack
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set -eux
manifest=$(get-pip-manifest os-apply-config)
virtualenv --setuptools $OS_APPLY_CONFIG_VENV_DIR
set +u
source $OS_APPLY_CONFIG_VENV_DIR/bin/activate
set -u
if [ -n "$manifest" ]; then
use-pip-manifest $manifest
# bug #1201253 : virtualenv-1.10.1 embeds setuptools-0.9.8, which
# doesn't manage correctly HTTPS sockets when downloading pbr from
# https://pypi.python.org/simple/ if using http_proxy and https_proxy
# envvars
$OS_APPLY_CONFIG_VENV_DIR/bin/pip install -U 'setuptools>=1.0'
# bug #1293812 : Avoid easy_install triggering on pbr.
$OS_APPLY_CONFIG_VENV_DIR/bin/pip install -U 'pbr>=0.11'
$OS_APPLY_CONFIG_VENV_DIR/bin/pip install -U os-apply-config
# Write the manifest of what was installed
write-pip-manifest os-apply-config
ln -s $OS_APPLY_CONFIG_VENV_DIR/bin/os-apply-config /usr/local/bin/os-apply-config
set +u
set -u