TripleO Operator Ansible project repository. Contains playbooks that can be used to automate TripleO OpenStack deployments.
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A role to perform overcloud network provisioning.



Role Variables

  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_debug: (Boolean) Flag to print out the delete command. Default: False
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_deployment_file: (String) REQUIRED. File path to the deployment file describing the networks.
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_generate_scripts: (Boolean) Write out a shell script that can be used to reproduce the command being executed. By default uses the value of tripleo_generate_scripts or False if tripleo_generate_scripts is not defined.
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_generate_scripts_only: (Boolean) Do not run the actual command - to be used in conjunction with tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_generate_scripts. By default uses the value of tripleo_generate_scripts_only or False if tripleo_generate_scripts_only is not defined.
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_home_dir: (String) Home directory to where the command is run from. Default: "{{ ansible_env.HOME }}"
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_log_combine: (Boolean) Flag to enable capturing stderr with stdout. Default: true
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_log_output: (Boolean) Flag to enable logging to a file. Since the output of this command can be large, it is not recommended to disable this. Default: true
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_log: (String) Path to a log file for the command output. Default: "{{ tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_home_dir }}/overcloud_network_provision.log"
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_os_cloud: (String) (String) OS_CLOUD value to use when running the command. If tripleo_os_cloud is defined, it will be the default. Otherwise the default is ''. This variable takes precedence over tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_rc_file.
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_output_file: (String) Path to an output file.
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_rc_file: (String) (String) Path to the credential file to use. If tripleo_rc_file is defined, it will be the default. Default: "{{ ansible_env.HOME }}/stackrc"

Output Variables

  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_output: (String) The command standard output.
  • tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_result: Ansible shell execution results



Example Playbook

Example network provisioning

- hosts: undercloud
  gather_facts: true
    - name: Run overcloud network provision
        name: tripleo_overcloud_network_provision
        tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_debug: true
        tripleo_overcloud_network_provision_deployment_file: /home/stack/network-data.yaml