updates to the static template for job doc.

The static job doc only describes how to launch quickstart in the
most basic way.  The automatically created doc has several different
configurations and we should instruct users how to find and use the
appropriate configuration.

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Wes Hayutin 6 years ago
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@ -60,6 +60,23 @@ You need some software available on your local system before you can run
Setup your virtual environment
Deploy your virtual environment by running::
Deploy with the most basic default options virtual environment by running::
bash quickstart.sh $VIRTHOST
There are many configuration options available in
tripleo-quickstart/config/general_config/ and also in
In the examples below the ha.yml config is located in the tripleo-quickstart repository
and the containers_minimal.yml is located in the tripleo-quickstart-extras repository.
All the configuration files will be installed to your working_directory.
This does require the user to know what the working directory is set to. The variable OPT_WORKDIR
by default is ~/.quickstart but can be overriden with -w or --working_dir
Please review these options and use the appropriate configuration for your deployment.
Below are some examples.::
bash quickstart.sh --config=~/.quickstart/config/general_config/ha.yml $VIRTHOST
bash quickstart.sh --config=~/.quickstart/config/general_config/containers_minimal.yml $VIRTHOST