Merge "[undercloud-deploy] Add ability to override ironic httpd ipxe port"

Jenkins 6 years ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 37ddaa3529

@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ to the undercloud install log file.
used as the base for the network-environment for tripleo.
- `undercloud_hieradata_override_file`: <'quickstart-hieradata-overrides.yaml.j2'> -- the name of
jinja template used to override the undercloud's install hieradata
- `undercloud_ironic_ipxe_port`: <'3816'> -- port to use for httpd ipxe server
for ironic deploy
- `step_introspect`: <'false'> -- boolean value to enable/disable ironic introspection
- `bash_deploy_ramdisk`: <'false'> -- the variable allows older versions of tripleo to upload images
properly with the option --old-deploy-image

@ -27,5 +27,9 @@ network_environment_args:
# not require privileged access (but does require the setup performed by the
# `environment/setup` role).
libvirt_uri: qemu:///session
# port to use for httpd ipxe server for ironic deploy
undercloud_ironic_ipxe_port: 3816
enable_vbmc: true
undercloud_conf_extra: ""

@ -3,6 +3,10 @@
# the value of libvirt_uri into /etc/ironic/ironic.conf.
ironic::drivers::ssh::libvirt_uri: '{{libvirt_uri}}'
# The default httpd ipxe port is 8080, but this conflicts with the telnet
# server which streams the console log in CI. So we allow override here.
ironic::drivers::deploy::http_port: '{{undercloud_ironic_ipxe_port}}'
# The following are configurations for the different workers for the undercloud
# services.
{% if undercloud_workers is defined %}