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Zuul 4eec311e76 Merge "Override docker_image_tag variable in container-prep role" 2023-10-24 10:48:06 +00:00
Arx Cruz eaaaa35564 Remove openstack-tox-molecule job
This job is failing due to some updates in setuptools and there is
no reason to run it, since it's testing only two roles that have not
being update in the last 3 years. Basically, setuptools complains to
install PyYAML because it has on version 5.4.1 the option license_file
that was deprecated. Updating PyYAML also requires to update all
molecule packages, that introduce different failures, in a snowball

Change-Id: Id5c21dcea9d183c7fac347323893415f4620cee5
2023-10-23 13:32:49 +02:00
mciecier 395003def5 Override docker_image_tag variable in container-prep role
docker_image_tag variable has to be overridden to point to
dlrn_hash_newest instead of dlrn_hash. This has to be done in
order to substitute tag in containers-prepare-parameter.yaml with newer
tag in downstream update job.


Change-Id: If79b38bf427f75143582c1db7e524123fb311e81
2023-10-16 12:58:24 +02:00
Chandan Kumar 34cb52dfd2
Include whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin under branchless project
Change-Id: Ifb2e0ec421a9213c4ec10fe652b1e1d95c563e1e
Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar <>
2023-07-21 15:49:52 +05:30
Zuul b1cbd383a7 Merge "Add steps required to run minor update on overcloud" 2023-06-28 13:36:59 +00:00
frenzyfriday fb19dd085a Adds CinderLVMLoopDeviceSize option if it is defined to standalone config
Change-Id: Id32285e6674a5aee1a6fba3cbba300626d0b868e
2023-06-06 13:48:37 +00:00
Sofer Athlan-Guyot 5d0662d735 Add steps required to run minor update on overcloud
Add steps to multinode-overcloud-update.yml playbook which are required
before running full minor update on overcloud. The prerequisites for
starting overcloud update for tripleo-upgrade are:

- updated dlrn repos definitions on overcloud nodes
- updated containers-prepare-parameter.yaml file on undercloud

Resolves: #2015993

Change-Id: I2829307d1013e96317338eccc7a4b16376fb1d2b
2023-06-02 16:05:18 +02:00
Douglas Viroel 7c1510421a Replace awk with ansible regex_search on build-test-packages
Some jobs[1] are not working with current awk command to get
a substring from rdopkg output. This patch replaces with ansible
regex_search instead.
This patch also fix the 'host' value extract from zuul vars. The
previous value is invalid as host when cloning code with git module.
This git checkout isn't failing since the previous step, that copies
cloned code from zuul working dir is always executed with success.


Change-Id: I5efc6adf0c8039f6a618b3ae1e1e8184304465d1
2023-05-17 17:20:07 -03:00
Zuul a21d6b35ab Merge "Tweaking conditional to skip tempest run during dpa tests" 2023-05-04 13:47:37 +00:00
Zuul eb563f316b Merge "Fix ceph deploy in standalone job" 2023-05-03 21:31:55 +00:00
katarimanoj e0a6bca4fb Fix ceph deploy in standalone job
This patch will pass only one of the mutually exclusive parameters
'--ntp-heat-env-file' or '--ntp-server' during ceph deploy

Closes-Bug: #2018384
Change-Id: I9c48806f8c0142100aeff79ddb8da0ce3b57cc03
2023-05-03 18:03:21 +05:30
Cédric Jeanneret bed8aa0115 Remove emulation enforcing
Lately this is making the Wallaby on CS9 line crumble. After some tests,
it seems, at least on CS9, we're able to get rid of this option - and
should, since it's crashing virt-customize.

Change-Id: I4e3cbe4507cbe7d1471f75cb41af99f84725b3ad
Closes-Bug: #2018356
Related-Bug: #1743749
2023-05-03 13:03:27 +02:00
Zuul 3f5f5fbf73 Merge "use ntp parameters during ceph deploy" 2023-05-03 02:19:48 +00:00
Marios Andreou 126074ccfd Tweaking conditional to skip tempest run during dpa tests
We set the skip_os_tempest in the job vars

Change-Id: Id57b2a0c69d4ea484b1a186b36e1b5208b3c5762
2023-05-02 18:25:17 +03:00
katarimanoj 6e9e2b81de use ntp parameters during ceph deploy
This patch uses new ntp parameters added by [1] to
tripleo-operator-ansible tripleo_ceph_deploy role.


Depends-On: Ic8f2b979d3888bda2d6ff8abd97fb39a2cfe66cf
Depends-On: Ic46154e88245e27d78bf646ef9bd008cb7cabb8c
Change-Id: Ia35d06e2ec693f31e8eadf03fdcc15744858a2a2
2023-04-26 18:57:29 +00:00
Marios Andreou 7d269f3bf8 Tripleo-CI master CI teardown check and gate only branchful jobs
See topic branch [1][2] for related patches. This removes all master
jobs from this repo leaving only the multinode-branchful template.



Change-Id: I4874c973d5df0d0c0d23432dee1526b5ed0fcbcb
2023-04-24 14:05:39 +00:00
yatinkarel 6887104038 Fix neutron_bridge_mappings default for standalone
br-tenant is not created as part of standalone
deployments but bridge_mapping was refererring
it. This results into unnecessary Warning[1] in
ovn-controller logs, this patch fixes it.

[1] Bridge 'br-tenant' not found for network 'tenant'

Related-Bug: #1895822
Change-Id: I9b23d6842cd518971b325ffd29b51d171c353b4f
2023-03-28 14:07:14 +05:30
Marios Andreou fd5ac41885 Remove extra_args from overcloud deploy move to FS 66
These are instead moved to fs 66 [1] which depends-on this patch.
In [1] we need to set extra_args conditionally for the d/stream
jobs and we can't have extra_args in both places.

Also cleans up a task that is no longer needed since we removed
the second deployment with [2].



Change-Id: I0c9541f5fb76238cdffacc997ea7ccebb0d138b5
2023-02-22 11:27:37 +00:00
Marios Andreou bcf50bbb68 Cleanup after mixed-os single deploy refactoring remove unused play
Removes the unused multinode-overcloud-mixed-os-deploy-compute.yml
and renames the -control.yml to just -deploy.yml. Patch is needed
by [1][2]

[1] I04c88580de952c56e219dbf76732d30f2fae3979
[2] Idfa6653b33cf8bd90b5dfe1b81573670bfc5b075

Change-Id: Iec88d20b83aba4f4832a3b31b42d3780188ab2fd
2023-02-15 11:44:18 +02:00
Sandeep Yadav c0d26337a2 Add var for distro in versions_url
`use_upstream_spec` is set to true in downstream case refer [1],
If we use upstream spec we should correctly set distro.

Removing hardcoded version 8 with this patch, as this is causing
issue in downstream:
404 Client Error: Not Found for url:


Change-Id: I916d25e8b39e4106a21a503b946dc719675e29bc
2023-02-09 09:48:04 +05:30
Zuul ce0390d67a Merge "Add support for role specific container prep to undercloud-deploy" 2023-02-06 14:27:56 +00:00
Zuul 04448e9d1d Merge "standalone: Remove logic for unsupported old releases" 2023-02-04 19:50:53 +00:00
Marios Andreou d25bfbfad9 Add support for role specific container prep to undercloud-deploy
This adds support for the per-role container image prepare params
into the undercloud-deploy role. See [1] for other related patches.

The undercloud-mixed-os play is changed to resolve the rhel/centos8
ci-testing hash for periodic jobs before undercloud-deploy for the
multi container prep.

Vars are being set with [2] but the single deploy workflow will
not be enabled until [3] merges.


Change-Id: Ieaad3d17bb9c63f7042f0454d81dffada98c5947
2023-02-03 12:30:14 +02:00
Zuul 2f2f42f8f6 Merge "validate: Remove logic for unsupported old releases" 2023-01-31 12:45:17 +00:00
Cédric Jeanneret 4f6efc3da9 Correct how the image is matched on the httpd index
Until now, the regexp was trying to match content from the link text,
not href. This may lead to issue depending on the remote httpd
configuration, since it may truncate the link text. Matching the link
href is therefore safer.

Change-Id: I264bad88b2f7bbc8f0b6cc295ca92498fe6e3d49
2023-01-26 17:24:56 +01:00
Zuul c13eb50898 Merge "Refactor EDPM job" 2023-01-13 11:22:46 +00:00
Cédric Jeanneret 5c22039cd0 Refactor EDPM job
This patch looks huge, so let's split things in the following listing:

- rename role to match the naming convention
  - role name shouldn't get hyphen, so let's use underscores instead.
    Playbooks don't need to follow this rule.

This should make the role more portable in the future.

- modify role
  - "disable" the main.yml - we must call specific task file.
  - no more condioned deploy based on variables. Makes it easier to
    follow and maintain.
  - update how the edpm inventory is edited
    - use plain YAML
    - output plain YAML
    - this format is consistent with latest changes in tripleo-ansible[1]

These changes make the overall role easier to understand and maintain,
while ensuring the playbook is also easier to read. It may also make the
deploy a bit faster with the new way to run the various tasks.

- update playbook
  - boostrap both nodes in a 2-stages way (check comment as to why).
  - deploy compute from the undercloud (mimic what an operator would do)
  - validate the compute from the undercloud (no actual change here)
  - target specific task_file during the different stages. It's easier
    to understand what's going on in there

These changes should allow a better understanding of the overall playbook.

- update edpm deploy script to use an environment file instead of CLI
  - this makes the script lighter and easier to understand
  - adding new parameters in the env file is easier
  - reading the env file for debugging is better


Change-Id: I263f424a5a08214b9c46c5ea73b6b428709ad47b
2023-01-11 11:48:54 +01:00
Amol Kahat 3354572e1e Remove trunk.registry from tripleo-quickstart-extras repo going to decomission soon.
This patch will replace trunk.registry to

Signed-off-by: Amol Kahat <>
Change-Id: I7eb7b8dac1c17ba0eaba8cac12861a18224fac30
2023-01-10 13:01:20 +05:30
Zuul 8c8d3d557a Merge "Skip centos.repo setup for C8" 2022-12-30 19:29:17 +00:00
Amol Kahat e1f0baaf0b
Skip centos.repo setup for C8
Centos.repo[1] already set for c9 in oooci-build-images
vars, in this patch we are doing same.


Signed-off-by: Amol Kahat <>
Change-Id: I7fd57cf395a98094c1033083bc8c075b040d49a6
2022-12-30 19:04:30 +05:30
Chandan Kumar 85fcfd4eb2 Add modify_image_run_command var to modify-image role
In order to run specific command on the image, we need
to add support for --run-command to the modify image role.
It will be useful to run specific command instead of using

This functionality will be consumed here:

Related-Bug: #2000226

Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar <>
Change-Id: I8575c712467db8fea403459d26731dd7070df131
2022-12-29 20:48:05 +05:30
Zuul f7e9114803 Merge "Pass centos.repo from host during image build." 2022-12-29 00:25:30 +00:00
Chandan Kumar b4669d9f74 Use tox-4 for linters and Molecules
It removes following things:
- skipdist option
- updates whitelist_externals to allowlist_externals
- Drops tox-bindep as it does not support tox-4
- Tox-4 also includes fix for hanging issue:

bindep is quite stable and tox-4 is around from long
time and tox-bindep last got released on jan 2021. [1]

So, We are dropping it.

Closes-Bug: #2000622

Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar <>
Change-Id: Ia7f8a4dd970ac76322adadc0698ac1c14aa87180
2022-12-28 14:12:15 +05:30
Sandeep Yadav 6d25018227 Pass centos.repo from host during image build.
Image build in component jobs is pulling content from
centos.repo instead of quickstart repos, see [0]

This can cause mismatch of rpm when and
local mirrors are not in sync.

The base image which we use to build overcloud images already have
centos.repo and when proxy mirros are not updated this can cause
an issue.

This is a workaround patch to pass centos.repo(which are disabled
on host) so that same repos in the image will be overridden.

One change in behavior is at the end of image build, dib will delete
the centos.repos in the overcloud image as dib cleans up what it adds
ignoring what was already present.

oooci-build-images already have same fix.

2022-12-27 00:54:07.471 |  kernel                         x86_64  5.14.0-214.el9            baseos           2.8 M

[1] b2ce4b4c10

Related-Bug: #2000226
Change-Id: Iecf36eff8ef27fd2734f77b09180d0b4d8654c52
2022-12-27 17:24:36 +05:30
Zuul 5433f70b03 Merge "Run container-prep role before installing standalone" 2022-12-21 11:00:44 +00:00
Chandan Kumar 95291ba130 Run container-prep role before installing standalone
In order to set correct container tag from dlrn md5 sum
in container-image-prepare file, we need to run
container-prep role before deploying standalone.

Otherwise tripleo-ci-testing tag[1] will be used in periodic
line and this tag does not exists on
It will fail the standalone deployment with image not found.

This patch fixes the same and now tag is properly set in
container-image-prepare[2]. The same tag will be set
in script.



Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar <>
Change-Id: I6cdb21b46385017b2c56771e2cf45f340013de02
2022-12-20 14:50:22 +00:00
Marios Andreou 412ac6ad70 Add logfile for compute container image prepare call mixed os job
Adds --log-file to the compute container image prepare call. Noticed
this working on related-bug. The Depends-On will make sure this file
is collected in job logs.


Change-Id: Ie32159bdbe15637004eb5fc7cb24fde8c6806b25
2022-12-16 15:01:37 +00:00
Zuul ce38c54f42 Merge "Pin tox < 4.0" 2022-12-08 09:52:09 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami dd95740d82 Pin tox < 4.0
tox 4.0 was released but unfortunately it introduced breaking changes,
which affect the tox jobs.

This makes sure tox is not updated when installing dependencies.
The tox package installed by the common ensure-tox role was already
pinned by [1].


Change-Id: I535ef4c16dfdf6713124b42be93f2d10bda593dd
2022-12-08 18:02:25 +09:00
Zuul 31f8de248c Merge "undercloud: Remove logic for unsupported old releases" 2022-12-06 11:14:28 +00:00
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) a66b23e752 Added script to spin an instance on external compute adds the script to spin an instance
on external compute in order to validate the external
compute deployment.


Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar (raukadah) <>
Change-Id: I89a7897e6a4cbf83149302a0ea856b151623b9ba
2022-11-28 17:55:55 +05:30
Zuul 9f3411506b Merge "Do not use --debug for image build" 2022-11-18 11:43:13 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami c625becad1 Do not use --debug for image build
Since Ansible was bumped to 2.14, we've observed the container image
build process gets stuck in the middle of ansible tasks to generate
Docker/Buildah files, because of a bug[1] with ansible-runner.

This removes --debug option from the build command to avoid -vvv option
in the ansible command, to workaround the above bug.


Related-Bug: #1996612
Change-Id: I53c688077c65da03d8c3cf104862e02cefc2c615
2022-11-17 18:09:59 +09:00
Zuul 7c32145775 Merge "Modify IPA install and usage for multi-env" 2022-11-16 20:03:52 +00:00
Zuul a7f9b17f92 Merge "Added some train2wallaby needed parameters" 2022-11-16 20:03:50 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 20848d87ca Omit --deployed-server in master
... because the option is deprecated in master[1] and has no effect.

Also, deployed-server-environment.yaml is not required when
the --deployed-server option is used since stable/wallaby[2].

[1] c6cd190a9f63738deafa4c616e0be8e06afedc96
[2] d6fba3f09f8de569b7fcf2bd9519c3112b1cc056

Change-Id: I4411a06026fc5bdf69061a643bc731e91c27640c
2022-11-10 12:50:19 +00:00
Juan Badia Payno 7eb28168a3 Added some train2wallaby needed parameters
On the FFU freom train to wallaby there are a couple of missings parameters
that are needed. Otherwise nova wont work.

This change uses:

Change-Id: I687629530d1e342dd7f3c8e77334206101305503
2022-11-04 09:39:03 +01:00
Ronelle Landy 2c2b16dc1e Modify IPA install and usage for multi-env
Remove auto-reverse from IPA server install as
this option is causing errors in environments
where the zone being created already exists and
is owned by some other dns server.
See related change in:

This patch also stops the unbound service if it
is running on the undercloud.

Change-Id: Ie46809379e5c143910560b4d3f7cb0eee6f80ea1
2022-11-03 06:49:31 -04:00
Zuul 27ca805b53 Merge "Added validation tasks for listing external compute" 2022-11-02 16:01:08 +00:00
Zuul 1380d6158b Merge "overcloud: Remove logic for unsupported old releases" 2022-10-31 11:31:55 +00:00