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Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 060ef5b569 Add options to set the overcloud's FQDNs and domain
These are set in an environment variable and are applicable since the
newton release. They are set in the nodes' /etc/hosts file and can be
used for the keystone endpoints depending on the endpoint map
environment file that is used.

Change-Id: Ida2b8b3964b10c90882b6bbeece057377e81cb68
6 years ago
Ben Kero f65419107f (undercloud|overcloud)-deploy: Add deployed_server script support
This patchset adds a flag to the undercloud-deploy role to support
arbitrary extra configuration.

It also adds support to the overcloud-deploy role to allow it to perform
some setup tasks required for deployed_server deployments such as
nodepool multinode.

Change-Id: I0688d7538d4c6fe4d24d5152ee4c8dae2557508f
6 years ago
Arx Cruz 8bbd96127b Enable cinder-backup service
This adds the cinder-backup template when enable_cinder_backup
is set to true.
The cinder-backup template starts the openstack-cinder-backup
service, which is required for some tempest tests. Unfortunatelly
these tests are failing right now and there's no way right now
to skip these tests automatically if the cinder-backup service
isn't running.

Change-Id: I9377536baade515b5eeab5d50946c69b517bbb95
6 years ago
Attila Darazs 0d286f84ac Cleanup and move files for overcloud-deploy 7 years ago