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Harry Rybacki ce7982192f Integrate undercloud_user var into oooq-extras
We need to differentiate local_working_dir from working_dir
as well as decouple the stack user from `ansible_user` var.
Both of these are causing issues as we begin to automate
deployments in more environments.

- Cleanup duplicate variables that are consumed via extras-common
  - Note: extras-common depends on the common role in OOOQ
- Cleanup redundant var and superfluous quotes from overcloud-scale
- Cleanup redundant comments in <role>/defaults/main.yml

Closes-bug: 1654574
Change-Id: I9c7a3166ed1fc5042c11e420223134ea912b45c5
6 years ago
Attila Darazs 0273f8904f Cleanup and move files for overcloud-prep-network 7 years ago