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Wes Hayutin 19933e5f03 Ensure that each role in extras has a dependency on extras-common
As more ansible variables are shared or reused across roles it is
important to define these variables in a role that is always
executed.  In this case that role is extras-common.

Note: This review is a blocker for

Change-Id: I31fd13d7bcb98d73e7f16048c57c027d95faeec5
6 years ago
Gabriele Cerami 823f587d37 prep-network: add support to IPv6 topology
Change-Id: I4c6ce5f9bb5760873c064bc570ed966d255413ff
7 years ago
Attila Darazs 0273f8904f Cleanup and move files for overcloud-prep-network 7 years ago