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An Ansible role for generating custom RPMSs from upstream Gerrit changes in the TripleO project using DLRN. This repo then can be injected in the tested environment, a repo file created and a yum update should start using the built RPMs.


Role Variables

  • local_working_dir -- the directory where tripleo-quickstart is located
  • artg_dlrn_repo_url -- the URL of the DLRN repository
  • artg_rdoinfo_repo_url -- the URL of the rdoinfo repository that contains the project definitions for DLRN
  • artg_compressed_gating_repo -- a full path to a compressed repository that contains all the generated rpms
  • artg_change_list -- a list of changes to gate. Only needed when not running in Zuul or Gerrit (see below). The format is:
  • artg_requirements -- used in roles mode, the requirements file to use for replacing the gated roles
  • artg_skipped_projects -- a list of projects that are not going to be gated. This is useful if the project is directly checked out by the gate job as this retains "Depends-On" functionality for the rest of the projects. Also useful to skip projects that DLRN cannot build.
  • artg_repos_dir -- Root directory which contains project directories with sources for build.
    - host: ""
      project: "openstack/tripleo-heat-templates"
      branch: "master"
      refspec: "refs/changes/1/123456/1"
    - host: ...

Gating with Zuul or Jenkins

The role can also work with Zuul and Jenkins based gating jobs.

In case of Zuul, the role uses ZUUL_HOST and ZUUL_CHANGES vars to parse the full set of dependent changes that were previously resolved by Zuul.

If we're running in a Jenkins environment with the Gerrit Trigger plugin, GERRIT_HOST, GERRIT_CHANGE_ID, GERRIT_BRANCH and GERRIT_PATCHSET_REVISION are used to detect the gated change. The role then searches for "Depends-On:" lines in the commit message (and recursively in the commit messages of the dependent changes) and adds all of them to the gating list. This happens through Gerrit server's public REST API.

Example Playbook

- name: Build custom RPMs
  hosts: virthost
    - build-test-packages



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