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Role Name

Ansible roles for managing a heat stack to deploy an OpenStack cloud using OpenStack Virtual Baremetal.


These roles assume that the host cloud has already been patched as per

Role Variables

Note: Make sure to include all environment file and options from your initial Overcloud creation

To interact with the Openstack Virtual Baremetal host cloud, credentials are needed:

  • os_username: <cloud_username>
  • os_password: <user_password>
  • os_tenant_name: <tenant_name>
  • os_auth_url: <cloud_auth_url> # For example

Parameters required to access the stack:

  • prefix --used as in id for the image and the stack parameters
  • stack_name: <'oooq-{{ prefix }}stack'> -- name for OVB heat stack
  • rc_file: </home/stack/overcloudrc> -- file to reference the overcloud
  • node_name: 'undercloud'
  • existing_key_location: <local_working_dir> -- required to access the undercloud node
  • ssh_extra_args: <'-F "{{ local_working_dir }}/ssh.config.ansible"'>
  • undercoud_key: <"{{ local_working_dir }}/id_rsa_undercloud">

Parameters required for shade (See defaults/main.yml for default values):

  • heat_template
  • environment_list

Parameters used the env.yaml file to create the OVB heat stack (See defaults/main.yml for default values):

  • bmc_flavor

  • bmc_image

  • bmc_prefix

  • baremetal_flavor

  • baremetal_image

  • baremetal_prefix

  • key_name

  • private_net

  • node_count

  • public_net

  • provision_net

  • undercloud_name

  • undercloud_image

  • undercloud_flavor

  • external_net

  • templates_dir

  • ovb_dir

  • network_isolation_type: -- other options are 'none' and 'public-bond'

  • registered_releases -- releases for which images should be available for the undercloud


This playbook depends on the shade library and

Example Playbook

Playbooks to create the strack prior to TripleO Quickstart deployments will require:

  • name: Create the OVB stack hosts: localhost roles:
    • { role: ovb-manage-stack, ovb_manage_stack_mode: 'create' }



Author Information