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Bug reports


If you fix a problem or implement a new feature, you may submit your changes via Gerrit. The ansible-roles-tripleo-overcloud project uses a Gerrit workflow similar to the OpenStack Gerrit workflow.

We're currently using, so you will need to establish an account there first.

Once your gerrithub account is ready, install the git-review tool, then from within a clone of the tripleo-quickstart repository run:

git review -s

After you have made your changes locally, commit them to a feature branch, and then submit them for review by running:

git review

Your changes will be tested by our automated CI infrastructure, and will also be reviewed by other developers. If you need to make changes (and you probably will; it's not uncommon for patches to go through several iterations before being accepted), make the changes on your feature branch, and instead of creating a new commit, amend the existing commit, making sure to retain the Change-Id line that was placed there by git-review:

git ci --amend

After committing your changes, resubmit the review:

git review