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An Ansible role to copy configuration files to the undercloud prior to overcloud deployment.


This playbook expects that the undercloud has been installed and setup using one of the roles relevant to baremetal overcloud deployments.

Role Variables

Note: Make sure to include all environment file and options from your initial Overcloud creation.

  • working_dir: <'/home/stack'> -- working directory for the role. Assumes stackrc file is present at this location
  • baremetal_instackenv: <"{{ working_dir }}/instackenv.json"> -- location of instackenv.json to copy over
  • baremetal_network_environment: <"{{ working_dir }}/network-isolation.yml"> -- location of network-environment file to copy over
  • undercloud_type: -- can be overwritten with values like 'baremetal' or 'ovb'
  • extra_tht_configs: -- a list of files to copy to the overcloud and add as extra config to the overcloud-deployment command


This playbook does not deploy the overcloud. After this playbook runs, call

Example Playbook

Sample playbook to call the role

- name: Copy configuration files
  hosts: undercloud
    - ansible-role-tripleo-overcloud-prep-config


Apache 2.0

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