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Run tempest tests on undercloud or overcloud.


This Ansible role allows to run tempest tests against installed undercloud or overcloud. It can use both upstream sources with virtualenv and RDO packages for tempest.

Role Variables

  • tempest_undercloud: false/true - whether to run tempest on installed undercloud
  • tempest_overcloud: false/true - whether to run tempest on installed overcloud
  • tempest_source: rdo/upstream - Where to take tempest sources from - RDO package or upstream git repo
  • tempest_format: venv/packages - Which tempest installation to use - either install python virtual environment with installed there python modules from requirements file, or to use installed with RDO RPM packages
  • tempest_log_file - name of log file for tempest run
  • test_regex - tests regular expression for testr run, i.e. ".*smoke"
  • run_tempest: false/true - to run tempest or not
  • skip_file_src: path to skip tests file, set it empty if running without skip list: skip_file_src=''
  • tempest_workers: int - how many parallel workers to run (default is number of cores)
  • tempest_isolated: false/true - if to run every test id in separate test runner (default is false)
  • tempest_tests_file: path to file - path to file with tests to run
  • tempest_until_failure: false/true - default is false, repeat the run again and again until failure occurs
  • tempest_failing: false/true - default is false, run only tests known to be failing


No dependencies

Example Playbook

Including an example of how to use your role (for instance, with variables passed in as parameters) is always nice for users too:

- name:  Run tempest
  hosts: undercloud
  gather_facts: no
    - tripleo-tempest


Apache 2.0

Author Information