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matbu b43e41f401 Remove legacy tripleo-validations configurations 2 years ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) ad0f465cd6 Remove undercloud_enable_tempest var 2 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea 4a41ca7bf0 Lint fixes for ci-scripts and config folders 4 years ago
Arx Cruz f11e671055 Running containerized tempest only in containerized environment 4 years ago
Alfredo Moralejo 4f0e7f54ad Add creator role to tempest configuration in Pike 4 years ago
Arx Cruz 06f8168c0c Remove tempest compute-feature-enabled.attach_encrypted_volume 4 years ago
Chandan Kumar 4a7bbb4599 Rename test_regex to test_white_regex 5 years ago
Chandan Kumar 0c42cbe220 Updated tempest plugin names 5 years ago
Wes Hayutin bab0f87196 remove deployed_server from common args 5 years ago
Chandan Kumar 949fd3f17d Use telemetry-tempest-plugin for Telemetry projects 5 years ago
Ade Lee 60b6e49ed4 Change volume encryption test to use barbican_tempest test 5 years ago
Chandan Kumar e3695ec1e2 Add compute-feature-enabled.attach_encrypted_volume to True 5 years ago
Emilien Macchi 0a9929d16c Remove tempest_config (obsolete) 5 years ago
Martin André cbeb7b84f0 Use different variables for deploy and upgrade scenarios 5 years ago
Wes Hayutin 8bddfd342a scenario templates deploy with pacemaker 5 years ago
Emilien Macchi 4cf38738c9 Switch scenario002 to run Tempest 5 years ago
John Trowbridge 3ed912bd91 Move common multinode role setup from tripleo-ci 5 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud d565afccf9 Add ability to run tripleo-validations tests 5 years ago
Attila Darazs 14e5779a53 Add missing deploy_composable_scenario variable 5 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud 77e537f868 Add blank newline at the end of file 6 years ago
Wes Hayutin c04dc5937c break out general_config into config and topology 6 years ago