26 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marios Andreou 7b8d8ecfca Remove all rocky related config/conditionals/tests as tripleo rocky is EOL 2 weeks ago
  Chandan Kumar (raukadah) ad0f465cd6 Remove undercloud_enable_tempest var 1 month ago
  Arx Cruz 9799408049 Remove tempest_private_net_provider_type from featuresets 7 months ago
  Martin Kopec 4d7021d93f Fix default value of tempestconf overrides 1 year ago
  Chandan Kumar (raukadah) 1cb5f37b6a Port fs021 to os_tempest 2 years ago
  Ronelle Landy b465c650d8 Move *_container_cli settings to extras-common 2 years ago
  Arx Cruz 3e77553b0a Set featureset021 to run only skip list 2 years ago
  Wes Hayutin 58b8136a7b align fs020/21 settings 2 years ago
  Arx Cruz 21a63ffbab Adding tempest plugins into black list for featureset021 2 years ago
  Marios Andreou a624234a88 Add ctlplane_masquerade for fs21 failing in ovb for ntp issue 3 years ago
  Sorin Sbarnea 3cd8301461 Remove duplicate dictionary keys 3 years ago
  yatin 7cc6296841 [FS021] Switch to containerized undercloud net config 3 years ago
  Wes Hayutin d2bb743825 enable centos cr repo in featureset021, promotion jobs 3 years ago
  Bogdan Dobrelya 2c11596a96 Use undercloud templates path for UC deployments 3 years ago
  Arx Cruz f11e671055 Running containerized tempest only in containerized environment 3 years ago
  Chandan Kumar f9eaa7cde1 Update the config for FS021 3 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 43ba8ce92d Don't use NTP server in extra args 3 years ago
  Wes Hayutin cafe67e3f9 make fs21 like fs20 w/o skip list 3 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman fb900349aa Fix logs by setting defaults for tempest_format 3 years ago
  Arx Cruz 9953666d67 Generating tempest documentation 3 years ago
  James Slagle a163cc8388 Convert remaining check ovb jobs to config-download 3 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 7fa967f576 Remove tripleo-ci templates from featuresets 3 years ago
  James Slagle 80b905c82e Use network templates from tripleo-heat-templates 3 years ago
  Emilien Macchi 0a9929d16c Remove tempest_config (obsolete) 3 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 18cf8f48e7 Remove environment network settings from fs files 4 years ago
  Arx Cruz 5252eb1651 Featureset 021 Install oooq and execute tempest 4 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 7c8680f0a3 Set explicit disabling tempest in featureset 4 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 2470b6adc0 Fix network isolation args for ovb oooq job 4 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 781f2a322d Combined featureset for OVB ha/nonha job 4 years ago
  Gael Chamoulaud 77e537f868 Add blank newline at the end of file 4 years ago
  Wes Hayutin c04dc5937c break out general_config into config and topology 4 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 56097910a5 Set network isolation type to single-nic by default 4 years ago
  Lucas Alvares Gomes c8c6e57ca2 VirtualBMC support for tripleo-quickstart 4 years ago
  Alfredo Moralejo 881c8f2c53 Remove parameters from overcloud deploy 4 years ago
  Arx Cruz 809d97e095 Configuring vcpus for undercloud, controller and compute nodes 4 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman 8f317e529d Fix tempest runner in devmode 5 years ago
  Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 20470164fa Use SSL for the undercloud in ha and other minimal configs 5 years ago
  Harry Rybacki c5dae21f54 Add create docs payload to ha topology config 5 years ago
  Wes Hayutin 7320b5c458 add tempest back into the quickstart-extras workflow 5 years ago
  John Trowbridge df5b2e06c5 Bump default undercloud vCPUs to 8 5 years ago
  Yolanda Robla Mota 0b060f02f0 Rename introspect parameter 5 years ago
  Mathieu Bultel aa9ae4b6ae Add option to enable pacamaker on overcloud 5 years ago
  Harry Rybacki a45f2e9b05 Increase default overcloud deployment timeout 5 years ago
  Sagi Shnaidman f154b27d5d Run pingtest by default instead of tempest 5 years ago
  Wesley Hayutin 6926a86c30 move most things out from the playbooks dir, and use config for release info 5 years ago
  Lars Kellogg-Stedman da478388da fix network configuration 5 years ago
  Lars Kellogg-Stedman 1bc289f3e3 lots and lots of comments (1/2) 5 years ago
  Lars Kellogg-Stedman f85e5d456d use yaml blocks for really long strings 5 years ago
  John Trowbridge fa3843e160 Raise deploy timeout for HA job to 75 minutes 5 years ago
  Wesley Hayutin 0c5d37c006 add ipv4 network-isolation to quickstart for virt deployments 5 years ago