17 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ramishra 72ad6faa62 Remove update-plan-only from converge 3 months ago
  Arx Cruz c301c85f12 Replace run_tempest with use_os_tempest 3 months ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza 28c92c2e6d Leave container_registry_file to identify containers file in pre-rocky jobs. 8 months ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza 04402d36b3 Disable tripleo-upgrade launch_sanity_workload parameter. 2 years ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza 22faab5b30 Set overcloud_ssh_user to zuul in upgrades jobs. 2 years ago
  Sorin Sbarnea 4a41ca7bf0 Lint fixes for ci-scripts and config folders 2 years ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza 3fd28a0d78 Use containers-prepare-parameters in upgrades/updates jobs. 3 years ago
  Marius Cornea 9052ded61b Remove ceph from fast forward upgrade job 3 years ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza c5a4889f02 Pass tripleo-admin as ssh-user in FFWD job. 3 years ago
  Jiri Stransky 6e30581a72 Don't run full update/upgrade converge in CI to keep sane wall time 3 years ago
  Marius Cornea 5793952a49 Disable validations for FFU job 3 years ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza 012d69bcdc Remove use_tripleo_upgrade and add var into fs037. 3 years ago
  Chandan Kumar 4a7bbb4599 Rename test_regex to test_white_regex 3 years ago
  Sofer Athlan-Guyot 4494c22a3a New featureset for fast forward upgrade testing. 3 years ago